Manual Lead Generation Vs Automated Lead Generation – Which is better?

Manual Lead Generation Vs Automated Lead Generation – Which is better?

Lead generation is one of the major challenges faced by B2B Marketing & Sales professionals. Finding the right prospect and their contact information such as business email and phone can be a huge challenge even for the experienced professionals. However, businesses can’t afford to do away with lead generation just because it is a challenge. You have got to generate sales leads if you want to sustain & grow. That is why Smart Salespeople use Automated Lead Generation Software to Increase Sales Productivity.

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Manual Lead Generation

Manual lead generation is a time-consuming process and B2B sales people who are always busy making sales calls cannot afford to spend hours on manual research; the time spent on manual research can have a discernible effect on their sales. It takes hours to find your ideal prospect details from the Internet and manually find the business contact information of the person.

Why you should Automate Lead Generation?

Time is money; people simply don’t have the luxury of time. That is the reason we frequent flights a lot even though the same destination could be reached by road or sea. Similarly, you could automate your lead generation for better speed and accuracy.

If a B2B lead generation tool can automate all the hard work of manual research and can help you find the right prospects by giving you their business email and phone in very less time, wouldn’t that be great? And also, the speed and accuracy of an automated list builder is unparalleled to that of a person doing that manually. It is like driving a car Vs driving a bicycle.

With LeadGrabber Pro, you can find your targeted prospects from various social networks and websites available on the Internet. The tool automatically researches the Internet and finds the work email address and phone number of your prospects.

When you are able to generate more number of qualified leads, it opens up more sales opportunities. The image given below illustrates the revenue funnel when you generate leads manually and when you generate leads through automation.

Automating lead generation through a lead generation software will definitely have a direct impact on your business.

Benefits of Automated Lead Generation

  • Enables you to Increases sales productivity
  • Helps generate more qualified sales leads and increase sales appointments
  • More revenue for your business

About eGrabber:

eGrabber has been in the B2B lead generation business for 20+ years. Our patented tools find and append direct work email and phone of your prospects from anywhere on the Internet.

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