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Step up Your Game: Finding Corporate Email Addresses Made Easy

Step up Your Game: Finding Corporate Email Addresses Made Easy

In today’s digital business landscape, there exists a powerful tool that can make or break B2B relationships: corporate email addresses. These digital gateways are not just symbols of professionalism but serve as the backbone of communication in the corporate world.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what corporate email addresses are, why they’re super important for businesses, the old-school ways of finding corporate email addresses for decision makers, the challenges involved in finding them, and how tools can make the process quick and efficient. So, let’s dive in and learn how to find corporate email addresses!

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What are Corporate Email Addresses?

Corporate email addresses are the digital keys to unlock doors to potential business opportunities. These email addresses are unique to a specific company or organization, often reflecting the company’s domain name (e.g., [email protected]). They serve as the official means of communication for businesses, allowing them to connect, collaborate, and establish relationships with other companies, clients, and decision-makers.

The Importance of Corporate Email Addresses in B2B Business

The importance of corporate email addresses in the realm of B2B (business-to-business) cannot be overstated. They are the lifelines of professional communication in the corporate world. Having a dedicated corporate email address not only conveys professionalism but also builds trust and credibility.

It signals to potential partners, clients, and stakeholders that you are a legitimate business entity, committed to transparent and secure communication. Corporate email addresses also facilitate brand recognition and consistency, reinforcing your company’s identity in every correspondence.

How to Find Corporate Email Addresses of Decision Makers

Decision makers are the people who make the most important buying decisions in any company. Therefore, finding corporate email addresses of decision-makers is a crucial task for B2B professionals looking to establish meaningful connections and generate leads. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find corporate email addresses effectively:

Identify Your Target Audience:

Before you start your search, you need to know exactly who you’re looking for. Define your target audience, including job titles, industries, and companies. Decision-makers can have titles such as CEO, CFO, CMO, CTO, VP, Director, or Manager, depending on the organization’s size and structure.

Use LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a goldmine for professional connections. Here’s how to use it effectively:

  • Advanced Search: Use LinkedIn’s advanced search feature to filter profiles based on location, industry, company size, and job title.
  • Company Pages: Visit the LinkedIn pages of your target companies. Sometimes, employees list their corporate email addresses in the contact information section.
  • Connections: If you have mutual connections with your target decision-makers, your connections might be able to introduce you or share their email addresses.

Reach Out Through LinkedIn:

Once you’ve identified potential email addresses, you can send connection requests on LinkedIn with personalized messages explaining your purpose and seeking to establish direct email communication.

Company Websites:

Visit the official websites of the companies you’re interested in. Check the “Contact Us” or “About Us” pages for contact information. Decision-makers often have their email addresses listed there.

Use Professional Networking Sites:

Besides LinkedIn, explore other professional networking sites like Xing or Viadeo, which can be especially useful for international contacts.

Social Media:

Decision-makers might also have professional profiles on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. While they may not provide email addresses directly, they often share other contact information.

Industry Directories:

Industry-specific directories or association websites sometimes list contact information for key personnel in member companies.

Google Search:

Conduct targeted Google searches using phrases like “CEO email address” or “CFO contact details” along with the company name. You might come across interviews, press releases, or articles that include email addresses.

Check Press Releases:

Keep an eye on press releases issued by your target companies. These often contain contact information for key personnel.

Professional Email Signature:

Sometimes, decision-makers include their corporate email addresses in their professional email signatures. Look for these signatures in emails or on websites.

Use Email Verification Services:

To ensure you have valid and deliverable email addresses, consider using email verification services or tools like NeverBounce or ZeroBounce.

Remember, finding corporate email addresses can be a bit of detective work, and it might take some time and effort. Always respect privacy and adhere to anti-spam regulations when reaching out to decision-makers via email. Building genuine relationships and offering value in your initial communication can significantly increase your chances of getting a positive response.

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Challenges in Finding Corporate Email Addresses

All the above ways for finding corporate email addresses can be handy; however, corporate email address search come with their challenges:

  • Time-Consuming: Searching through websites, LinkedIn profiles, and business cards one by one can be super time-consuming. Imagine doing that for hundreds of companies!
  • Inaccuracies: Sometimes, the information you find may be outdated or incorrect. People change jobs, and websites get updated, so there’s a risk of ending up with the wrong email.

How Tools can help Find Corporate Email Addresses Quickly and Efficiently

There are special tools designed to make finding corporate email addresses a breeze. Here’s how they work:

  • Database Search: These tools have vast databases of corporate email addresses. You type in a company’s name, and they magically show you a list of email addresses associated with that company.
  • Verification: To avoid mistakes, these tools often verify the email addresses to ensure they’re active and accurate. No more sending emails into the void!
  • Bulk Search: Need to find email addresses for a lot of companies at once? No problem! These tools can handle bulk searches, saving you tons of time.
  • Integration: Some tools can be integrated into your email or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, making it super easy to reach out to potential clients.

See, finding corporate email addresses doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore. Whether you’re trying to make new business connections or seal a deal, these email addresses are your keys to success. While traditional methods can be a bit tricky and time-consuming, modern tools are here to make your life easier. So, if you’re in the B2B world and want to level up your game, don’t forget the power of corporate email addresses. They might just be the missing piece of your success puzzle.

Find Corporate Email Addresses of Decision Makers from any Industry

LeadGrabber Pro is one such corporate email address finder that helps sales & marketing, lead generation and business development reps and teams to easily and effortlessly find corporate email addresses of decision makers in any industry.

The software helps you to build a list of qualified prospects (decision makers) from your target accounts and finds verified corporate email addresses and phone numbers in no time.

What’s more? The corporate email address finder automatically verifies all the found corporate email addresses and gets you the updated, valid corporate email addresses of decision makers. You don’t need to verify your email list again by subscribing to a service or purchasing a tool. LeadGrabber Pro does all that for you!

Corporate email address search is a breeze with LeadGrabber Pro. It helps you to find corporate email addresses if you:

Have a list of target accounts or you have a prospect list with name and company name. The tool also helps you to find corporate email addresses of contacts in your existing CRM.

The corporate email address finder gets you the updated, verified corporate email addresses of your contacts.

You don’t need to worry if you don’t have any list. LeadGrabber Pro helps you to build fresh lists of prospects along with verified corporate email addresses in no time.

The biggest advantage of using LeadGrabber Pro is that unlike email databases where prospect information can become obsolete over a particular period of time, it does real-time deep-web searches on the Internet and gets you the latest corporate email addresses.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to find hundreds of corporate email addresses in no time and seamlessly integrates with Excel, Outlook, Salesforce, etc. Once you build the corporate email address list of decision makers, you can instantly transfer it to your CRM.

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3 Growth Strategies for Recruiting Firms to Find New Clients Faster

3 Growth Strategies for Recruiting Firms to Find New Clients Faster

Finding new clients play a vital role for the growth of any business and it holds true for recruiting & executive search firms as well. Search firms use different growth strategies to find new clients. However, all those traditional methodologies and practices are now gone because of COVID.  

Companies are operating remotely from different places with less number of people than usual. They do not have the luxury of spending too much time or resources. In short, they want to get things done quickly and effectively.  

Sales Leads (Direct Clients) for Staffing & Recruiting Agencies

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Here are 3 growth strategies that can help recruiting firms to find new clients faster.

#1 Growth Strategy to Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn is undoubtedly the best place to look for clients and candidates. As a search firm, you would definitely have a strong presence on LinkedIn with thousands of connections. You would also be using multiple versions of LinkedIn such as Sales Navigator, Recruiter to make the most of your opportunities. However, reaching clients (C-level executives) via LinkedIn is not quick & easy.

It is because the executives are super busy and they don’t have time to check LinkedIn messages or personal emails. They might allocate weekends or some other days of their convenience. You can’t wait for that. You might get responses, but mostly you wouldn’t. Some C-level executives though they are on LinkedIn wouldn’t be active. Therefore, the chances of reaching your prospective clients are less.

But, one encouraging fact is that C-level executives respond immediately when you reach them on their business emails. So, building a business email channel can help you reach your potential clients.

To build a business email channel, you need to build a list of C-level executives from your targeted companies. You might already know some people and you will have to search some more on LinkedIn. Once you have found them, you have to copy-paste the data to an excel sheet or CRM which is tedious and time consuming.The next step is to find business email & phone from various sources on the Internet. It again needs a lot of your time and effort, which you cannot afford to spend.

This is where LeadGrabber Build Scheduler comes in handy. It helps you to automate the workflow of finding C-level executives from your targeted companies, append verified business email & phone and then send the prospect list to your email every single day. You can build a list of your prospective clients in no time. Sounds interesting?

Yes, you can set it up once and get your potential candidate or client lists every day via email. It saves you a lot of time finding, researching and managing the entire process either personally or by having a dedicated resource. LeadGrabber is your smart virtual assistant that does lead generation for you. LeadGrabber helps you to leverage your connections, reach C-level executives in your target companies and find new clients faster. Another advantage is that you might also find your potential candidate on LinkedIn.

Find New Clients from Job Boards in no time!

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#2 Fastest Way to Find New Clients via Job Boards

Job boards are another major source where you can find new clients. But job boards are not very few, there are plenty. Companies post multiple ads for multiple job positions in multiple job boards. You have to manually curate everything, segregate them by job titles, locations, companies, industries and so on to get the list of companies that are hiring. By the time you get your list, some of the job positions would have been filled. All your hard work goes in vain.

This is where JobGrabber comes in handy. It is a browser plugin that does the job easy & effortless for you. With a click of a button, it helps you to automate the process of building a list of companies from job boards,that are hiring. It gives you the new companies that are hiring, the number of job positions for each company, job titles, industry, employee size, location, company profile and the LinkedIn URL of the company’s C-suite. The software eliminates all the duplicates and staffing companies from the list. JobGrabber is the fastest way to find new clients from job boards.

#3 Find New Clients in your CRM

As a search firm, you would definitely have a CRM that has the list of all your clients and prospects. The data in the CRM keeps changing because people change jobs every 3-4 years. It means that the data in your CRM has to be updated. In other words, it is a great opportunity for you. Yes, your clients can be your new customers when they move to a new company. These are the people who know you very well and they would always love to work with you in their new company as well.

OK, so how to find which of my past clients has moved to a new company? This is where Job Change Finder does the job for you.

Import your CRM contacts, our service will scan your contacts and let you know who has moved to new companies along with the updated business contact information and company demographics.

You can instantly reach out to your past clients in their new companies and find new clients faster.

How to reach B2B Decision Makers [3 Steps]

How to reach B2B Decision Makers [3 Steps]

The B2B sales game is all about how fast you reach B2B decision makers in your target companies before your competitor does. Even if you have a world class product with an irresistible offer, if you don’t reach the right person on time, that is reach the decision makers in your prospect company, then all your marketing efforts will be in vain.

How to reach B2B Decision Makers [3 Steps] 3

Why it is important to reach B2B decision makers?

B2B decision makers or C-Level decision makers are top executives in a company. They are usually busy with various meetings, conferences, events and so on. You can’t reach them easily. Also, they are shielded by gatekeepers who doesn’t allow strangers to speak or meet. Then how will you reach decision makers? The idea of finding decision makers along with their contact information on the Internet is time consuming and tiresome. You can’t find it on the websites easily. But you have to reach B2B decision makers, because they are the ones that decide whether they want to buy your product or not.


If you’re looking to find Decision Makers with business email & phone# for your target list of companies etc. in less than 30 seconds. You could try our free  Decision Makers Finder Tool – Get your Free Trial Today!.

Challenges to Reach Decision Makers

B2B sales people often get a list of companies to target. They don’t know who the decision makers are in those companies and don’t have any idea about how to reach them. So typically they search for the company contact number and reach the switchboard. They will have to use all their skills & tricks to find the decision makers in that company and then devise strategies to reach them. This is for one company and you will have to try different ways for different companies to find decision makers. If you have a list of 500 or 1000 B2B companies, imagine how much time it will require for you to find decision makers along with business contact information. It is a tedious process and you can’t afford to spend long hours on a daily basis. This is where a B2B lead generation software such as eGrabber Management Finder comes handy.

How to find decision makers for a list of companies? – 3 simple steps

eGrabber Management Finder helps you to find & reach B2B decision makers in no time. The software enables you to quickly find decision makers names for the list of companies. It also find you verified business email addresses of the decision makers. You don’t have to spend countless hours on the Internet to find decision makers. You also don’t need to tackle those gate keepers anymore. You can reach the decision makers’ inbox directly.

All you have to do is:

  1. Enter a list of companies. (Management Finder also helps you to build B2B companies list)

  2. Click Tools> C-Level Finder > Append C-Level Finders from Company and select any one of the titles (CEO/EQ, CxOs, CTO/EQ, COO/EQ, CFO/EQ, CMO/EQ, Top HR/EQ) from the list.

  3. eGrabber Management Finder performs deep-web searches on the Internet and displays the decision maker’s names in no time. Now, with the decision maker name and company name as input, eGrabber Management Finder Pro helps you to append verified business email addresses of B2B decision makers.

Notes: You can also create a new search template to find B2B decision makers in a company.

With eGrabber Management Finder Pro, you can easily & effortlessly reach top decision makers‘ inbox in no time.

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How to generate sales leads for your business

How to generate sales leads for your business

The Internet is one of the best places to generate leads for business. It helps you to find business leads from thousands of websites & online directories. This post will help you to learn how you can generate leads for your business using various online sources.

Generate Leads for Business using Online Directories

Online directories such as Yellow pages directories, white pages directories, association websites and membership directories are some of the great sources where you can generate leads for your business. You can find hundreds and thousands of leads for your business. These business directories help you to search for businesses and find your targeted business leads based on various search criteria.  Online directories helps you to build sales lead lists, contact lists, email lists, business mailing lists, cold calling lists, etc.

Generate Leads for Business using Google Maps

Another great source to generate leads for business is Google Maps. It not only provides driving directions but also has become one of the major sources to find business leads. Over time, Google Maps has turned into one of the most popular business directories that provide more visibility to businesses online. In addition to location and driving directions, Google Maps gives you business contact information such as name, address, phone number, website URL, and so on.

Businesses can also get listed on Google business listings without spending anything. Google Maps also displays user reviews which adds more advantage to potential buyers to make better decisions. Since Google Maps offers a wide range of benefits, almost all businesses get themselves listed to leverage its potential. Therefore, Google Maps has become one of the major sources for sales and marketing professionals to look for business contacts in any location.

In addition to online business directories, there are other sources such as association websites, MLS listings, etc. that sales and marketing professionals can use to get more business leads.

Challenges to Generate Leads Manually

All the online directories and websites are great sources to generate leads for business. But there are some challenges to generate leads manually. You have great sources to find leads for your business but you have to extract those leads or contacts to an excel sheet or your CRM to build a list. 

You have to manually copy-paste each contact from the online directories into the database or an excel sheet. You have to visit multiple websites, flip through hundreds of pages, copy the contact information and then paste them into your database. It takes a lot of your time and effort which eats up your selling time. This is where a lead generation software such as ListGrabber can be handy.

generate leads for business

Generate Leads for Business in a Click

ListGrabber is a powerful sales lead generation software that enables you to generate free sales leads from the Internet in no time. It helps you to instantly capture free business contact lists/leads from any Internet source.

To generate leads for business, try the following:

  1. Search for leads on business directories or Google Maps.
  2. Select the contacts/search results on the web page.
  3. Click Grab on the ListGrabber toolbar.

ListGrabber instantly captures your prospects’ contact information including name, email, phone, Fax, website URL and other relevant details and displays in the grid. You can verify the contacts in the grid and then instantly transfer the contacts to Excel, Outlook, ACT!, etc.

ListGrabber Standard helps you to easily & effortlessly generate leads for business from the Internet and build your own sales leads lists with a click of a button.

What are you waiting for?

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eGrabber is not affiliated with any providers of online directories or lists. ListGrabber is designed to import contact data that is visible on the screen and copy able to a clipboard. All eGrabber tools should be used only where it is legal to do so.

How to Build Real Estate Sales Lead Lists in No Time

How to Build Real Estate Sales Lead Lists in No Time

Real estate agents always look for fresh sales leads to build their sales pipeline. They visit online directories and websites to build real estate lead lists. A real estate business contact list includes property owners, lenders, buyers, tenants, etc. But since they build their real estate contact lists manually, it takes a lot of their valuable time.

But, top real estate agents don’t spend too much time on manual list building. They use real estate lead generation tools such as ListGrabber to speed up list building.

ListGrabber helps real estate agents to build real estate sales leads lists in no time. It enables them to quickly build their sales lead database and helps them to spend most of their time with their prospects.

ListGrabber completely automates the process of capturing sales leads from online sources. All you need to do is, select an online source and click Grab on the ListGrabber toolbar.

ListGrabber intelligently captures contact details including name, address, phone number and email address of your prospective buyers & sellers from white pages directories, yellow pages directories, neighborhood listings, local business directories, MLS listings, etc.

With ListGrabber, you can transfer the captured real estate leads to an Excel spreadsheet in a click. Now, you have a targeted list of real estate leads in hand that you can start calling right away.

ListGrabber helps you to quickly build real estate sales lead lists & become a top producer.

Download your FREE Trial Now!

eGrabber is not affiliated with any providers of online directories or lists. ListGrabber is designed to import contact data that is visible on the screen and copy able to a clipboard. All eGrabber tools should be used only where it is legal to do so.

Manual Lead Generation Vs Automated Lead Generation – Which is better?

Manual Lead Generation Vs Automated Lead Generation – Which is better?

Lead generation is one of the major challenges faced by B2B Marketing & Sales professionals. Finding the right prospect and their contact information such as business email and phone can be a huge challenge even for the experienced professionals. However, businesses can’t afford to do away with lead generation just because it is a challenge. You have got to generate sales leads if you want to sustain & grow. That is why Smart Salespeople use Automated Lead Generation Software to Increase Sales Productivity.

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Manual Lead Generation

Manual lead generation is a time-consuming process and B2B sales people who are always busy making sales calls cannot afford to spend hours on manual research; the time spent on manual research can have a discernible effect on their sales. It takes hours to find your ideal prospect details from the Internet and manually find the business contact information of the person.

Why you should Automate Lead Generation?

Time is money; people simply don’t have the luxury of time. That is the reason we frequent flights a lot even though the same destination could be reached by road or sea. Similarly, you could automate your lead generation for better speed and accuracy.

If a B2B lead generation tool can automate all the hard work of manual research and can help you find the right prospects by giving you their business email and phone in very less time, wouldn’t that be great? And also, the speed and accuracy of an automated list builder is unparalleled to that of a person doing that manually. It is like driving a car Vs driving a bicycle.

With LeadGrabber Pro, you can find your targeted prospects from various social networks and websites available on the Internet. The tool automatically researches the Internet and finds the work email address and phone number of your prospects.

When you are able to generate more number of qualified leads, it opens up more sales opportunities. The image given below illustrates the revenue funnel when you generate leads manually and when you generate leads through automation.

Automating lead generation through a lead generation software will definitely have a direct impact on your business.

Benefits of Automated Lead Generation

  • Enables you to Increases sales productivity
  • Helps generate more qualified sales leads and increase sales appointments
  • More revenue for your business

About eGrabber:

eGrabber has been in the B2B lead generation business for 20+ years. Our patented tools find and append direct work email and phone of your prospects from anywhere on the Internet.

You can also download a Free Trial of LeadGrabber Pro and see the results unfold.

How B2B Lead Generation Companies are Leveraging Tools to Increase Revenues

How B2B Lead Generation Companies are Leveraging Tools to Increase Revenues

Why would a B2B LeadGen company buy a LeadGen tool?

That’s what we asked Launch Leads when they bought LeadGrabber Pro. Read on to find out what they said…

With LeadGrabber Pro, Launch Leads were able to serve 30% more clients than before, increase sales revenue by 25% and save hundreds of man-hours per week.

Now, let’s go into the details.

#1 Automated Lead Generation Software – to Generate Qualified Sales Leads & Improve Conversion Rates. [Download Free Trial]

Launch Leads provides USA-based outsourced Lead Generation & Appointment Setting Services. They cold-call a targeted list of decision makers and schedule appointments with qualified companies on behalf of their clients. Clients give them a B2B industry list of companies to target.

Previously, their LeadGen team would map out the decision makers manually and then cold call.

Launch Leads tried the LeadGrabber tool to automate this LeadGen process. Now the LeadGrabber tool maps out the decision makers, while the team simultaneously focuses on calling.

LeadGrabber Pro - B2B Lead Generation Companies in USA
LeadGrabber Pro – B2B Lead Generation Software

This gives Launch Leads several advantages, the most important ones are:

  1. Serving multiple clients, in parallel: While the LeadGrabber is mapping out decision makers for one client, the team can focus on calling for another client
  2. Shorter turn-around time: The LeadGrabber can run overnight, so the team can start calling early morning, the very next day.
Top b2b lead generation companies
B2B Lead Generation Software helped US-team

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