eGrabber hack: Use Secured-Google to get past Google Captcha blocks

eGrabber hack: Use Secured-Google to get past Google Captcha blocks

If you use Google a lot for your prospect-list / candidate-list building / for sourcing candidates, you will encounter a “Google Block” or a “Google Captcha”. This tip shows you a way of getting past the Google block, with one of Google’s own features. A typical Google block looks something like this: In most cases, if you enter the text in the image, you will get past Google’s security measure, and you’ll be shown the results you were searching for. Google uses this “Captcha” to protect itself from automated robot programs trying to steal data from Google. However, if you are user of Google’s advanced commands, you get issued this Captcha too. In the worst cases, Google stops serving you results altogether and presents you with this:This is a severe Google block, with no way to get around it. There wont be a Captcha image either, there wont be any text to enter.  At this point, you cannot perform ANY Google search, and you have to wait at least a couple of hours before Google service is resumed. Solution? try the Secured version of Google: What’s the difference? It’s the same Google search, served to you over a secured connection. The security levels are the same ones used by your Bank’s online transaction system. This helps Google keep away unwanted intruders. The results that you get from the Secured Version is exactly the same as the Regular version. So next time you get blocked, use the Secured Version


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