Defining Prospects Based on 2 Titles (Current & Past) Can Get 10x Sales Acceleration

Defining Prospects Based on 2 Titles (Current & Past) Can Get 10x Sales Acceleration

Yes, defining your prospects based on current and past titles can get you 5x – 10x sales acceleration. Here’s how we can achieve it.

Instead of getting a list of 1,000 prospects with just one title, LinkedIn Sales Navigator can get you 100 high-priority prospects with matching job titles from their past. LinkedIn will eliminate 900 untargeted prospects that you can ignore selling to in the first pass.

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USAGE EXAMPLE (CXO & Director of Software)

If you are selling a B2B software solution and want to target CXOs of US companies with employee size (51-200). You will get a list of say 440,000 Prospects.

Instead, if you searched for only a CXO(current) who used to be “Director of Software”(past), you will be able to narrow down your results to 3,500 Prospects (eliminating 400K).

Using this strategy, you will be selling your software tool first to CXOs who came in through a Software background.

The first batch of 3.5K techie CXOs will be easier to message and convert than CXO with marketing, Finance, or any other backgrounds. You can target the rest of the 400K in future batches.

  • Sales Navigator Search to target CXO of US 51-200 EMP to get 440K
    Search URL:
  • Do the search for CXOs who had the past title of “Director of Software” to narrow down your search result.
  • Seniority = CXO
    Title = “Director of Software” (past)

In your case, you can pick the 2 appropriate titles for your solution to get your first pass list. Repeat the searches with different types of titles your ideal prospect might have had in the past.

By filtering prospects one segment at a time, you will be able to talk about their past. This way you can make your message sound more personalized.

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