Getting Started with eMail-Prospector Pro

Getting Started with eMail-Prospector Pro

Welcome to eGrabber eMail-Prospector Pro.  Let’s get your first list of contacts…

1. Do a LinkedIn Search

Search for a list of your prospects. You can use this Sample Search for a start.

Right-mouse-click this Sample Search link and click “Open in New Tab”. You may need to login to your LinkedIn account.

2. Capture your List

Click the “Grab List” button.

Click the "Grab List"

The Name and Company of the people listed will be copy-pasted to a grid.

Grab List in progress. Click Abort to stop it.

The grid shows up after the first 10 are copied.

Grab List is complete. Here is the complete Grid

3. Add Business Email to your List

Time to get the direct your prospect’s direct contact information…

Check-mark the records you added. Click “Find Email”.

Select all the records to process
Find EMail in one step

eMail-Prospector now starts its automated, deep-Internet Research phase. It looks for the direct email address of your prospect. If not found, it researches email addresses of colleagues in the same company. After studying a good sample of email addresses of the same company, it predicts the most probable email format and verifies it. eMail-Prospector does 40-50 parallel searches in a minute – faster than any human can. Rest assured your results are better than any other automated system out there (did we mention, our system is so accurate, we won a patent on it?)

4. Export your finished List

Your email list is ready!

Check-mark the records you want and Click “Export”. This will export the grid contents to a CSV file.

Click "Copy/Export" to take data out of eGrabber Email Prospector

CONGRATULATIONS!  Your first list is complete!

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5. Still have questions? Email us at [email protected], or call +1-408-872-3103