Way to Find Out Who in Your CRM is Hiring Now

Way to Find Out Who in Your CRM is Hiring Now

As a recruiting executive, you know that your company has surely engaged with hundreds of hiring manager’s, staff and candidates in the past. Are you aware if they are promoted into decision making roles and are at a new company that is hiring now?

Engage with eGrabber to track job changes and build your low hanging list of prospects. Implement job change tracking easily and monitor the job changes of anyone in your CRM now. Our automated job CRM tracker tool can get you ready actionable leads.

You will get a list of decision-makers that you already knew and are in a new position now who can use your services again. Your company will have a 5x to 20x higher chance of engaging & closing leads whom you already know than random people.

Write to us at: [email protected] , [email protected] or call us: (408) 516-4566 to learn more about our job change tracking services.

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