Why this Pandemic is a Perfect time to reach out to Amazon Sellers?

Why this Pandemic is a Perfect time to reach out to Amazon Sellers?

Most of the amazon sellers know that, the channel is very popular right now and they can grow 100x faster during this pandemic. As many of the amazon sellers can see and smell success in online stores, all they need is to hear about your offering that can help them make more money and a bit of your expertise to accelerate. The sooner you reach them, the earlier you can sell. This is the perfect time to reach out to Amazon Sellers.

If you are selling to amazon sellers and you are building a targeted Amazon Seller Contact database for leads. Then you have come to the right place.

Let us build your Amazon Seller Lists & help accelerate your sales.

Why this Pandemic is a Perfect time to reach out to Amazon Sellers? 2

How will this Amazon Sellers Directory help you increase your sales

  • Unlike retail stores, Amazon stores are not impacted by COVID, social distancing & shutdowns.
  • Thousands of retailers & small store owners are doubling their marketing efforts via online stores such as Amazon.

We have followed a 6 step process at eGrabber, to develop a fast and accurate process. Here’s how to find amazon seller contact information:

Data-Crunch & Shortlist the Top 75K Amazon Sellers information & Categories

We processed the large data and information from 2.5 Million+ amazon sellers across 180+ countries, selling 12 Million+ products, in 36 major product categories to build our Amazon seller database.

You will get the top 75k Amazon Sellers & Categories.

Find Amazon Seller Company & Website from behind the Seller Name

With 90%+ of the products on Amazon having only the names of the Product Brands. We did a deep-research to yield the actual Amazon seller name and website.

You will get the Amazon seller URL, seller email address and seller phone number

Find LinkedIn IDs of Amazon Sellers

We added amazon seller’s company information such as Company Size, Address, Number of Employees, and other social details.

You will get these enriched set of fields:

  1. (Actual) Business / Company Name
  2. Website
  3. Company Size
  5. HQ Address
  6. HQ City, State, Zip
  7. HQ Timezone
  8. Industry classification
  9. Company Revenue (if available)

Find Decision Makers from Website and Social Media

We scanned the company websites and LinkedIn for CEOs and other executive decision makers of Amazon sellers.

You will get appended rich contact information.

  1. Decision Maker Name
  2. Job Title
  3. LinkedIn Profile URL
  4. Region
  5. Timezone

Find Email and Phone numbers of Key Decision Makers – giving you 3 channels of outreach

Along with LinkedIn IDs of decision makers, we added business addresses and business phone numbers.

You will have 3 different channels to reach out to the decision makers.

VERIFY Email Deliverability

We verified amazon Seller email addresses for their deliverability and passed only the graduated ones to the final Amazon seller list.

Fields you will get at the end of this stage include:

  1. Amazon seller email ID
  2. Amazon seller contact number
  3. Co-Worker’s Email Addresses
  4. Email Verification Rating

You can order our Amazon Sellers list + Research that we already have, Get a free sample !

If you can provide us with the Amazon Seller Names, or, Seller IDs, we will do a Custom Research and deliver the custom list to you. To learn more about our custom list building services Request a Demo.

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