3 Lead Generation Strategies for Outsourcing Companies during COVID-19

3 Lead Generation Strategies for Outsourcing Companies during COVID-19

Due to COVID pandemic, companies are expected to outsource more work, says NTT – a technology firm . The ‘2020 Global Managed Services Report’, based on a survey of 1,250 executives in 29 countries, said that 45% organizations will outsource more  in the next 18 months, with 57% citing security risks as a key challenge for managing IT in-house. In this environment, the delivery of platform-enabled solutions becomes even more important, it said.

COVID has created a new wave of Fast-Growing companies – a lot of them fairly unknown before this crisis. To close sales in this “new normal”, you need to target companies that have budgets to hire and expand.

Companies with budgets are hiring employees who would start by being remote. They are also taking a big risk because they are hiring without the traditional in-person chemistry & culture fit interview.

These companies that are hiring are dealing with processes they wished they have automated before most of their employees had started to work from home. These circumstances will lead many companies to open up towards automation of their work processes. So, in the future, companies may be more likely to outsource their IT or business processes.

This could be the best time for outsourcing companies like you to pitch these managers who are hiring remote teams , “Since you are hiring remote employees without seeing them anyway, why not give us a chance? We are less risk & can start today!” You might offer to start with two or three people immediately. The companies can try them & pick the best person for long term work. You can tell them, you know the people on your team have the skills. You can position yourselves to be the fastest & lowest risk option.

We have seen this strategy work for several outsourcing companies. We hope it can work for you, if you too are selling outsourcing services. Here are 3 steps that will help you to build a list of fast growing companies that have budgets and are hiring.

3 Steps to build your lead list of companies to target

Step 1: Research Job Boards

This step involves a lot of manual efforts to compile the most recent job postings that is hiring the skill & talent you provide from dozens of Job Boards. Shortlist the companies that are hiring in the USA. To ensure that you have a very exhaustive list of companies, search jobs by US States / Regions and Job Titles.

Step 2: Eliminate Duplicate companies

You will find many duplicate companies, remove them from the list. Repetition of companies in the list happens due to any of the following:

  • A company could have posted multiple job positions
  • A company could have posted the same job position in multiple Job Boards
  • Job Boards displaying the same company name differently. For instance,
    • HP vs Hewlett Packard vs Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    • eGrabber vs eGrabber Inc.
    • Brand name vs Company name

Step 3: Include Company Demographics

In order to prioritize and make your sales pitch easier, Add company demographics such as Industry, Company Headcount, Timezone, Location, Website URL and Company LinkedIn ID.

The lead list you build this way will get you more appointments than any random lead list. If you want to automate the entire process listed above, you can use Hiring Prospector Tool from eGrabber.

If you want a pre-built list of US companies that are hiring – Get a free sample list now. Our 100K+ exclusive list of hiring companies are extensively updated with new companies that are recently hiring.

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