Are you Looking for the Next Big Staffing/Outsourcing Client?

Are you Looking for the Next Big Staffing/Outsourcing Client?

There is a new easy way to build prospect lists from Job boards …. Its called JobGrabber

  • Job boards can be a fantastic source of free targeted leads for staffing and outsourcing companies.
  • Job boards show which companies are actively hiring the exact talent you are good at providing or recruiting.
  • Job boards provide a constant flow of live leads (companies hiring change every month)

The problem with job boards is that they don’t give decision-makers information and keeps showing the same companies multiple times. This makes it difficult to build lists manually.

JobGrabber enables you to import companies from Job board searches into LinkedIn with a single click. It extracts all companies from a job board search, eliminates duplicates, eliminates competitors, and creates a clean LinkedIn Lead list.

With Sales Navigator and JobGrabber Lead list, you will know who in your network is hiring, and who can introduce you to decision-makers that are hiring. It supports Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, Zippa, and a few others.

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