How sourcing Leads from Job Boards Benefit Staffing and Outsourcing Companies?

How sourcing Leads from Job Boards Benefit Staffing and Outsourcing Companies?

Staffing and outsourcing companies need a focused approach to find clients faster. This new process of sourcing leads from job boards is time saving and also helps staffing and outsourcing companies find more success. This in fact is a great source to identify companies that are hiring now or by definition, companies that are growing and have budgets to buy your services.

Why are Job Boards a Perfect Lead Source?

Job boards turns out to be helpful whenever:

You have urgent requirements. You want an easy way to find large number of skilled workers. You want to commit many projects that are short-term. You want to find highly qualified workers with a specialized skill set.

What makes Job Leads more unique?

The leads you get from job boards can’t be purchased from any other source, because the leads disappear in 30 – 60 days. Job boards can help you scan companies that are expanding their sales and marketing teams. Job leads is great way to target your low hanging prospects.

Identifying the unique companies from job boards is a tedious and long process. It involves a lot of manual work. You might have a specialist to research and identify the right talent, but to identify unique companies they might have to spend all their time doing only research.

Because companies post multiple open positions on job boards and they post the same job on multiple job boards too. When you put together all the companies from various job boards, you will find that almost 90% of them are duplicates.

We at eGrabber have tools and dedicated resources that fetch you leads from job boards to facilitate hiring. We scrutinized all the job listings and compiled a list for you after removing the duplicates. Our job leads will help you access the right talent and find suitable candidates more easily. Hire faster and more accurately using our job leads list.

List of Top US companies Hiring Right now

eGrabber’s list of Top US companies that are currently hiring helps staffing and IT outsourcing companies find clients faster.

What does our list include?

Each company will include the following:

Name of company

Various job positions

Number of Job opening

Company size

Company LinkedIn ID

Website URL


Decision makers URL link

Many staffing agencies might post job ads in many job portals. But, we ensure that we remove such companies from our list which is one of the value-adds to our list. We deliver your list of companies via spreadsheet.

eGrabber job leads make that burden of your entire process of hiring quality candidates much easier. Now focus solely on your growth while we take up the most difficult part for you. Email us at [email protected] to get a list of our unique companies from job boards or Get a sample list now!

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