How to Build a List of B2B Companies with Contact information

How to Build a List of B2B Companies with Contact information

Experts advise that it is always better to build your own lists. To do that, you have to identify the industry first, then the companies in that industry, followed by shortlisting those companies that meet your criteria (revenue, number of people, location and so on), and finally identify the names of decision makers along with their contact details. You can easily imagine how laborious and time-consuming this task is.

For example, if you want to build a list of 1000 companies you got to spend several hours on the Internet. This is where a B2B list building software such as LeadGrabber Pro can be handy.

LeadGrabber Pro is a powerful B2B lead generation software that helps you to build a list of B2B companies with contact information in no time. Yes, all you have to do is:

  1. Just enter the keywords (Industry)
  2. Click Find to search companies.
  3. Click Grab to extract the companies to your list.

With another click, you can find the decision makers in the companies.

What’s more, you can even append missing email and phone numbers of your decision makers as well.

Once your list is ready, you can transfer the list to, PCRecruiter, ACT! and your Excel spreadsheet in a single click.

LeadGrabber helps you to easily and effortlessly build your list of B2B companies with contact information. It helps you save a lot of your time and focus on reaching your prospects.

Click here to download the fully functional trial version of LeadGrabber and try it yourself.


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