How to Find Decision-Maker Targets Quickly with a List of Companies

How to Find Decision-Maker Targets Quickly with a List of Companies

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to find decision-makers in your targeted companies. But connecting and reaching decision-makers is not a cakewalk. Some of the challenges include: (a) Decision-makers do not accept all connection requests unless they know you or it is relevant to them or their business. (b) decision-makers use their personal email address to sign up for LinkedIn. Even, if you are connected to an executive, you will get only her personal email address. (c ) In certain industries, decision-makers, though they are on LinkedIn, they are not active on LinkedIn.

Fastest Way to Find & Reach Decision Makers in Target Companies

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Decision-makers respond instantly to their business emails than personal emails. There are millions of decision-makers on LinkedIn and as a business development professional, if you want to leverage this opportunity, you should reach decision-makers the right way, at the right time, and with the right message.

Let’s discover, the importance of targeting decision-maker contacts from target companies.

C-Level decision-makers from B2B companies greatly influence the buying decision. If you are selling products or services to B2B companies then, it is important to influence decision-makers which is the key to sales strategy. Connecting with the decision-makers from B2B companies shortens the sales cycle and helps earn a quick profit, which is being the goal of every salesperson. C-Levels are the final decision-makers and it is important to plan, execute and master strategies that involve selling to the decision-makers. 

Do you need any of these?

  1. Do you have a list of companies and you want to find target prospects inside them?
  2. Do you have a list of web downloads which has user information, but you want decision maker names instead?
  3. Are you building a list of companies which are growing and want the decision makers inside?

If your answer is YES, then LeadGrabber Pro is the best B2B prospecting tool that helps you to find and reach B2B decision-makers in no time. The software enables you to quickly find decision-makers’ names for the list of companies. It also finds you verified business email addresses of the decision-makers. You don’t have to spend countless hours on the Internet to find decision-makers. You also don’t need to tackle those gatekeepers anymore. You can reach the decision makers’ inbox directly.

All you need to do is, Import a list of companies you have.

  • The software automatically gets you the target decision-makers for the companies
  • You can feed thousands of companies and the software shows the decision maker contacts
  • You can also perform a account based search, find companies and arrive at the decision makers from those companies.
  • You can find decision makers based on industry, geography, company size, function and so on

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