Easy Hack to Find Remote Consulting Job

Easy Hack to Find Remote Consulting Job

If you are looking for a job and have the skills to deliver great results from home, try this.

Job boards are now showing companies that are open to remote workers. Go to LinkedIn job search & select the ‘Remote” filter. You will notice 73,000+ WFH jobs.

The hack is, regardless of the nature of the job posting, to assume these hiring companies are open to any type of Remote job, including yours.

If the company has got a process to hire & manage remote workers, they can easily use that process to hire competent remote consultants like you.

Use keywords to shortlist job postings that might be from companies that could use your skill, even if they did not advertise for it

Find appropriate people on LinkedIn in those companies and show them your track record of extraordinary performance.

eGrabber Hiring Prospector works with Job-boards and LinkedIn, to build lists of CEOs and Managers that are hiring in any specialty.

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