Increasing Sales Rep Tenure in 2019 is more counter-intuitive than you think!

Increasing Sales Rep Tenure in 2019 is more counter-intuitive than you think!

Need your Sales Reps to stay with you longer?

You’re not the only one!

Looks like the B2B industry is struggling with it this year. Here are a few top blog posts on Google:


The Counter-Intuitive Solution our Customers are telling us…

Many of our B2B customers who renew our List-Building products are telling us a surprising story.

Bob, your eGrabber product is helping me retain my Sales Reps longer.

Oh. Really..?.. How?

Your tools take care of the mechanical job of making their out-reach lists.

They’re just happy spending more brain-time talking to people and closing deals.

And we thought the biggest value of our list building product was the list uniqueness and response rates…!


Works for Lead-Gen teams too…

Turns out, because our product is making leadgen teams successful with minimum efforts, they are staying at their jobs for more years.

Leadgen teams are generating high response leads month after month, consistently, and bizdev sales people are loving it.

They are able to meet quota more easily. They are staying lot longer at work.

What a happy-spiral!


Find an eGrabber tool for your Sales & LeadGen team

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Clinton Rozario

Product Manager at eGrabber
Clinton Rozario is a B2B List Building technology expert and architected LeadGrabber Pro, the B2B List Building Tool from eGrabber. Clinton joined eGrabber in 2003. He held key roles in R&D, developing strategic and proprietary technologies. He is now responsible for development of eGrabber's List Building and List Completion Tool Suite. He is also available on Google+ and LinkedIn.
Clinton Rozario

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