How B2B Sales Triggers can help you Exceed Sales quotas

How B2B Sales Triggers can help you Exceed Sales quotas

Prospecting for sales is quite normal, every sales rep does that. Sales reps reach out to their targeted prospects every single day. But are they reaching out to the right prospects at the right time? This is where B2B sales triggers can help sales reps.    

Timing plays a vital role in sales. When you reach your prospects at the right time, chances are high that you can close more sales and exceed sales quotas. What do you mean by right time? It is when your prospects need your product or service the most. How do you know that? This is where successful sales reps stand out from the crowd.

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Smart sales reps always look for changes or events that are happening in business, especially in and around their prospects’ business/industry. Whenever they see a change, they see it as a window of opportunity. They call it B2B sales triggers or buying signals.

The moment they identify a sales trigger, they immediately reach out to the prospects who are in need and are most likely to buy. It helps them to close more sales than normal and also exceed sales quotas.

B2B sales triggers

5 B2B Sales Triggers to Exceed Sales Quotas

Here are some of the B2B sales triggers that will help you to exceed sales quotas.

  1. Companies that are Hiring Actively
  2. Change in C-Suite Executives
  3. Promotion/Job Change of your existing customer
  4. Companies that have received Funding
  5. Dissatisfaction with current vendor

Let’s see them in detail.

1. Companies that are Hiring Actively

An increase in hiring is an indication that the company is growing and expanding. It also indicates that the company has the budget to spend. Therefore, it is one of the best B2B sales triggers that sales reps need to watch out for.

Instead of reaching out to all prospects, if you can identify those companies that are hiring actively, chances are high that you can increase sales conversions. You need to build a list of companies that are hiring, identify and find decision makers, get their business email address & phone and reach out to them.

You can check out LinkedIn Sales Navigator to monitor company headcount growth and build a list of CEOs/VPs in companies that are hiring and growing or you can also get the list of companies that are hiring actively.

2. New C-Suite Executives in the Company

A change in C-suite in your target company is one of the best B2B sales triggers. C-level decision makers always love to perform well, especially in their new role. They would be open for new ideas and strategies including innovative solutions & services to improve the overall growth that the role demands.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you to find C-suite executives who have changed jobs in the last 90 days. You can also get to know the information via industry news alerts.

3. Promotion/Job Change of your Existing Customer

A happy customer is always your customer wherever she goes. When one of your customers move to a new company, you get an opportunity for an immediate sale. They already know you, your company and are very much satisfied with your product or service. You don’t need to do much to get that sale. All you need to do is, be alert to identify this B2B sales trigger and reach out to them at the right time.

Similarly, a promotion to one of your prospects can also be a sales trigger. Maybe she was  very much impressed with your product but didn’t have the decision making authority to purchase your product. After promotion to a C-level, she might have gotten to a position where she has a say in decision making. Therefore, this can be one of those B2B sales triggers you should never miss out.

Job Change Finder helps you to instantly find which of your customers have changed jobs or got promoted. You need to just import your contacts from your CRM and Job Change Finder will help you to find your prospects that have moved to new companies along with the updated business email & phone and company contact details. You can reach out to them in no time & make sales much faster.

4. Recently Funded Companies

Companies receiving funding from investors indicate that they are in for an expansion. They might be open for new & innovative ideas and tools that can help them grow at a faster pace. This mostly is announced publicly and therefore many of your competitors also reach out to the recently funded companies. You have to be swift in action to make the most of this buying signal. Angelist, Crunchbase, Indeed Job Postings are some of the best places to look for recently funded companies. Here are some of the ways to get the list of recently funded companies.

5. Dissatisfaction with Current Vendor

This is a buying signal that you can’t find out explicitly. You will get to know this when you have a conversation or discussion. You can also find dissatisfied prospects on various product review directories such as Trust Radius, Capterra, G2Crowd, etc. You can also use Q & A platforms such as Quora, Reddit and look for other social media footprints to get to know about your prospect being dissatisfied with the current vendor. You need to carefully understand what they are going through and suggest the best possible ways that your product can help them resolve their issues.

Benefits of B2B Sales Triggers

B2B sales triggers should always be a part of the sales strategy. It helps you to:

  • Quickly reach out to your prospects at the right time.
  • Customize & Personalize your message.
  • Gives you a strong reason for cold outreach campaigns.
  • Reach out to highly-motivated decision makers who are ready to buy.
  • Enables you to easily connect, engage and close more sales faster than normal.
  • Shorten sales cycle and increase more conversions.

Therefore, B2B sales triggers are excellent opportunities to reach your prospects at the right time with the right message and turn your prospects into customers. However, it is very important that you grab those opportunities before your competitor does.

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