How Salespeople can Generate their Own Leads & Become Successful

How Salespeople can Generate their Own Leads & Become Successful

The marketing/demand generation/lead generation teams are the ones that feed the sales pipeline with a steady flow of potential sales leads. But studies reveal that marketing teams are unable to generate sufficient sales leads to keep the salespeople busy. It means that your sales pipeline would eventually dry up at one point or other which would severely impact your sales conversions as well as your company.

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However, successful salespeople have a remedy for this. They don’t solely rely on marketing or a particular source of leads. Instead, they always look for new sales leads. Successful Salespeople Generate their Own Sales Leads to keep their sales pipeline full. This helps them to constantly fill the sales pipeline which in turn enables them to reach more prospects, improve sales conversions, increase sales revenue and be always on top.

How Salespeople can Generate their Own Leads

The Internet has opened up huge opportunities to generate sales leads. Sources such as search engines, company websites, social networking sites, professional networking sites, blogs, forums, association websites and user groups are some of the places to look for potential sales leads.

However, social & professional networking sites are one of the best places to find targeted sales leads. You can find prospects based on industry, title, skill set, company size, location, and a lot more. You can also find prospects from niche markets that you cannot find anywhere else. Social media groups help you to narrow down your search further to find potential sales leads based on a specific industry or skill set or technology.

Manual Process – Time Consuming & Tedious

When you generate sales leads from social networks, you have to do it manually. You have to copy-paste the prospect data from various sources to an Excel file or your CRM. Most of the times, you will not find the business contact information of your prospects (especially C-Suite) such as business email address or phone number on social networks. Therefore you have to manually search the Internet to find the business contact information of the prospects. It takes a lot of time and resources.

Salespeople will always have a list of things to do – calling prospects, follow-up calls, email activities, closing sales, updating CRM, etc. In addition to this, if salespeople have to generate their own leads manually, it would take a huge toll on their productivity. It might either affect their sales or lead generation. But, both are important. Therefore, salespeople need a solution that can help them generate their own leads without losing the focus on their sales activities. This is where a lead generation virtual assistant comes handy.

Lead Generation Virtual Assistant to generate your own leads

LeadGrabber Scheduler, a lead generation virtual assistant, helps salespeople to easily & effortlessly generate sales leads and it completely automates the B2B list building process.

All you have to do is:

  • Search for prospects based on title, location, industry, company size, etc. The search results display thousands of profiles that run across many pages.
  • Add the search result to the scheduler. The entire search result is now split into smaller chunks of search results. For example, if the search result displays 2000 profiles, Scheduler splits the results into 4 sets of 500 profiles each. Scheduler can help you build up to 50,000 leads at one go.

LeadGrabber Scheduler automatically schedules the B2B list building process on a daily basis. Based on the schedule, LeadGrabber Scheduler builds the list of prospects and then appends verified business email addresses and phone numbers of the prospects. Once the list is ready, the tool automatically sends you an email along with the list. You don’t have to manually intervene anymore. It’s all set!

Even if you have to be out of office, Lead Generation Virtual Assistant does the work for you.

What more can a sales person ask for?

You can just focus on your sales activities while LeadGrabber Scheduler builds sales lead lists for you and sends it to your inbox every day.

What are you waiting for?

Generate leads easily & effortlessly, reach more prospects, close more sales, increase revenue & become a successful sales person.

Try now.

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