Trade Show Leads – Tip to Find Decision Makers for any Trade Show Exhibitor list

Trade Show Leads – Tip to Find Decision Makers for any Trade Show Exhibitor list

Trade show leads – Are your best prospects at conferences and trade-shows?

Chances are, the COMPANIES attending the trade-shows are your best prospects, but the people who are attending them are not the right Decision Makers you want to talk to.

This tip shows you how to get to those Decision Makers in a couple of minutes!

Trade show leads generation

All you need is the companies list.

Step 1: Put your company list / trade show leads in Excel

You’ll either be receiving the companies in the Excel sheet from the organizer, or you have all of them listed on the conference website.

Make sure all the company names are one below the other in a spreadsheet (Excel or Google Sheets)

Import trade show leads list

Step 2: Add a second column ” OR”

Type ” OR” in the second column. Copy the cell downward, so that there is an ” OR” to the right of each company name.

Make sure there is space ” ” before the word “OR” – like so ” OR”. The space is important.

Step 3: Paste into LinkedIn

You will need your LinkedIn for this step.

Works best with Sales Navigator. But if you have LinkedIn Recruiter or LinkedIn Premium, it works just as well.

Copy the company name along with the column ” OR”

Then Paste into the Company field in a Sales Navigator or a Recruiter search. (If you are using Premium, then you need to paste in Keywords”

Step 4: Type in your Decision Maker Titles

Type in the Job Titles of the decision makers you want to target, into the “Title” field.

If you prefer using the “Function” and “Department” fields, feel free to use that too.


Here you go!  All the decision makers at EXACTLY those companies – those who are attending the conference / trade-show.


Find decision makers for trade show leads list


Trade show leads – Here’s a full video of all the steps…

Automated Trade Show Leads Generation:

If you need to automate the above process, try eGrabber Management Finder.

eGrabber Management Finder finds decision makers for your list of companies. It also researches and adds their verified business email address, phone number and LinkedIn-ID.


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