How to Make up for the Loss in Trade-Show Walk-in Leads

How to Make up for the Loss in Trade-Show Walk-in Leads

Trade shows has always been a effective marketing channel, where B2B marketers has seen a sustainable growth of the market in the past years. Trade shows attract high quantity as well as quality of leads. But this year the pandemic has took a toll on the in-person event, canceling all the planned trade shows due to social distancing and other COVID-19 restrictions.

This situation will prevail making the B2B walk-in Trade show leads non-existent for the next 12 months. It is not set to recover until 2024 says Marketing charts.

With the fall of in-person events, we could see a steady rise in virtual events recently. As you can make all things happen virtually, don’t let the pandemic impact your business. Your prospects need your solution and you need the prospects. We can help you make this a win-win situation for you.

Let’s take your trade-show booth directly to the attendees.

In the COVID impacted interim, its recommend to get the entire trade show attendee list to make up for walk-in traffic. This can work out to be better than getting a small walk-in list.

eGrabber specializes in helping you get the entire attendee list of any B2B tradeshow, All we need is the name of the trade show or the specialized industry. You will get the leads at a fraction of what the trade show would have cost you.

Here’s how we build your trade show leads:

1. Put your company list / trade show leads in Excel

We will receive the companies in the excel sheet, or search them in terms of the specialized industry from the conference websites and feed them one below the other in a spreadsheet, Excel or Google sheets. Now we use a simple trick and add “ OR” to the second column.

2. Paste them into LinkedIn

In this next step we use LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Recruiter or Premium account and copy all the company name along with the column “ OR” and paste them into the company field.

3. Type in your Decision Maker Titles

Now we type in the job tittles of the decision makers you want to target, into the “Tittle” field. If you prefer to give us the “Function” and “Department” fields then, feel free to mention them.

We will land at your targeted decision makers finally!

4. Add verified business email and phone numbers to the decisionmakers list

We use our automated tools to research and add verified business email, phone numbers and LinkedIn ID to your decision makers list.

With this custom built attendee lists and detailed profile of the people, you will be finally able to take your trade show booth directly to the attendees via zoom.

Get your High Quality Custom Prospect list built using our fast and accurate tools now, but keeping your costs low. Request a demo in our eGrabber list building service page! Or send an email to [email protected] to get your custom lists built.

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