3 Reasons Why you Should Build B2B Contact Lists and how

3 Reasons Why you Should Build B2B Contact Lists and how

Whether you want to let your prospects know about the new product launch or a free webinar or about a cracker deal, it all starts with a B2B contact list.

How to get one? Rent, buy or build your own B2B contact list?

Renting or buying contact lists might seem to be a quick solution but it has its own shortcomings. You got to first find a reliable list vendor, you got to pay per contact and chances are more that you might use the same lists as your competitor.

Experts advise that building your own list is better anytime than buying lists. Here are 3 reasons why you should build B2B contact lists. You can:

  1. Target specific companies/people profiles from niche markets.
  2. Build an accurate contact list and achieve more ROI.
  3. Reach more number of targeted prospective buyers and improve your sales conversion rates.

Apart from the above, building your own B2B contact lists provides you a lot of other advantages as well, but it involves a lot of effort and time. You got to spend countless hours on the Internet to manually build a targeted & accurate B2B contact list. And, this is why many prefer to buy lists rather than having to build one manually.

Not anymore! With LeadGrabber, a B2B list building software, you can build fresh B2B contact lists from the Internet in no time. All you need to do is just enter the industry or job title of your prospect, select the search script and click Find.

LeadGrabber instantly searches the Internet and displays the results in a few seconds. With another click of a button, all the contacts along with their contact information – name, email address, phone number, etc. – are extracted to the grid and your B2B contact list is ready.

You don’t have to pay per contact any more. You can build lists with unlimited number of contacts.


Click here to download the fully functional trial version of LeadGrabber and try it yourself.


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