How to Find Decision Makers in a Company & their Contact Info [Fast & Accurate]

How to Find Decision Makers in a Company & their Contact Info [Fast & Accurate]

B2B sales experts say that the key for successful B2B selling is to reach the decision makers in a company on time because they are the ones who play a decisive role in buying your product or service.

This may sound easy but the challenge is to find decision makers.

B2B sales folks spend a lot of time on Internet research to just identify the decision makers. They scan through corporate websites, annual reports, various publications, news, events, press releases, etc. to find decision makers.

Once they find the decision maker, they have to find decision maker contact information and devise strategies to get past the gate keepers to reach them.

Sales persons have to repeat this time-consuming process on a daily basis to find decision makers / find CEO email addresses and it also poses a high risk of losing their opportunities.

This is where a list building automation software such as Management Finder Pro can offer a winning edge.

LeadGrabber MF Pro helps you find decision makers in a company without searching on the internet.

6 simple steps to find decision maker in any company:

Step 1. Launch LeadGrabber MF Pro

Step 2. Import the lists of companies for which you want to find decision makers.

Step 3. Click Tools > C-Level Management-Finder > Append C-Level Management-Finder(s) from Company and select any one of the titles (CEO, CTO, CFO, CMO, CXO, CIO, COO) from the list

LeadGrabber Management-Finder Pro instantly searches the Internet and displays the name of the decision maker in just a few seconds.

Once you have found the name of the decision maker, you can find the decision maker contact information such as Email Address, Phone number, etc.

Step 4. Select the records in the grid that does not have business email address or phone number.

Step 5. Click the drop-down arrow next to Append Contact Info button and select Append Selected.

A dialog box pops up displaying the append settings. Please ensure that the Append Email and Append Phone options are selected.

Step 6. Click Go.

Find Decision Makers for a List of Companies

LeadGrabber MF Pro performs deep web searches and appends the business email address and phone numbers of decision makers.

LeadGrabber MF Pro helps you find decision makers and their business contact details for any number of companies. It helps you to reach decision makers in no time.

Start build your targeted decision makers list today.

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2 thoughts on “How to Find Decision Makers in a Company & their Contact Info [Fast & Accurate]

  1. Few years ago, the manual way of finding decision makers & their business email addresses, phone numbers etc. are once you have a company name, literally you go to their website, and hit the “about” tab or “team” or anything that looks like it would show who works there. 99% of the time the HEAD of the business / owner / decision maker will be on that page. Yes, their full name, yes their bio and a lot of info about them. From there you head straight to LinkedIn to search them, connecting with them.

    But today ‘LeadGrabber Managment-Finder’ tool finds decision makers & their contact info for tens of thousands of companies in more automated way. All you need is list of companies which you’re going to target. Just import them and use Management Finder tool to grab their email and get engaged with the decision maker. This process can be done in under 2 minutes. Try this tool today to build your target companies decision makers list.

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