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How to Maximize B2B Lead Generation, Sales Prospecting & Your Sales!

How to Maximize B2B Lead Generation, Sales Prospecting & Your Sales!

Jeff Sheehan founded Sheehan Marketing Strategies to assist the growth and marketing success of companies based on years of assisting the largest companies in  high-tech and other areas increase their revenues by 100′s of millions of dollars over decades of achievement on both a supplier and consulting basis.

If you are a sales and marketing pro who uses LinkedIn to grow your business this webinar will be an hour well spent. Not only will you gain a further understanding of how to effectively use LinkedIn for social selling, you will be introduced to a tool that will help you take your activities on LinkedIn to the next level.

Jeff Sheehan of Sheehan Marketing, once responsible for over $200 Million in B2B sales, for a complimentary webinar on how to use LinkedIn more effectively and the Account-Researcher tool to increase your sales.

Watch this recording we show you how to :

  1. MAXIMIZE LinkedIn for B2B sales.
  2. GRAB any Social Profile & Append E-Mail/Phone.
  3. FIND Decision Maker’s Names, e-mails and phone numbers in any Company.
  4. GET Insightful Prospect Information, Conversation starters.
  5. CAPTURE more sales.

Strategies to Generate Warm B2B Sales Leads on Social Media

Strategies to Generate Warm B2B Sales Leads on Social Media

Ambi Moorthy

Ambi Moorthy

Product Marketing at eGrabber Inc.
Passionate product marketing professional - managing B2B content generation, webinar production & strategic relationships with B2B and recruiting industry experts, partners / resellers, also developing original marketing content for company website, newsletters, articles, Ads, blogs.
Ambi Moorthy

Do you dive into the various social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ for B2B leads?

Are you not sure how to channelize your time and efforts spent on these platforms that result in actionable warm leads?

I am going to share through a series of articles easy strategies that will generate leads from social media, you can integrate them into your marketing and lead-gen program.

Strategy 1: LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn has been the go to place for B2B sales Leads. LinkedIn groups spread across different verticals and they bring like minded professionals together in a forum. The conversations and the ideas exchanged are very informative, there is a limitation of 50 groups you must pick and join the groups wisely.

Generate warm leads through discussions

Contribute on LinkedIn Groups - B2B Sales LeadsAll LinkedIn groups have an idea exchange discussion forums and they are a goldmine of leads, members of the group post their questions related to lead-gen, strategy, pipeline development and management. They also ask opinion about a service provider and call for suggestions about a service or a product.

A referral to your business on these forums is best when given by your existing customer, instead of your own sales reps, it always helps to have a handful of socially savvy customers who can vouch for you on these forums to build credibility and send warm leads to your website.

Establish Thought Leadership

Establish Thought LeadershipThe more you are active and contribute and engage meaningfully to these discussions, people from your target market would like, connect and eventually end up buying your service or product.

LinkedIn groups also highlight the top contributors for their engaging comments and lively discussions started, this enables a “Pull” strategy instead of a “Push” strategy, the highlighted section will drive traffic to your profile and engaging content will get them to connect & contact you.

So get started with meaningful conversations today and let the leads start flowing.

Similarly, have you generated leads on LinkedIn through other methods? feel free to share them in the comments below

Strategy 2… watch this blog… coming in my next post

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