How to Quickly Build Lead Lists from LinkedIn

How to Quickly Build Lead Lists from LinkedIn

Do you want to build lead lists from LinkedIn, but don’t have time?

The New AI helper will search & build lead lists on your PC.

The new LeadGrabber expert helper tool installs in your PC. It builds LinkedIn lists – lists of your ideal prospects on your PC, week after week. It is not a remote tool. It runs on your PC. It works during timings you eat.

Fastest Way to Build Lead Lists from LinkedIn

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It’s like hiring a Leadgen Expert

This tool will download LinkedIn research expert’s brain (AI) to your PC and do the following:
1 – It will research your ideal LinkedIn account for leads.
2 – It finds decision-makers you say are ideal & finds work email/phone.
3 – It will email you a lead spreadsheet week after week.

You can build lists – LinkedIn contact lists and LinkedIn email lists in no time.

Sounds interesting right? Read on..

All leads will be fresh, custom-built for you & email addresses are verified the day you get them. So you are guaranteed the lowest bounce rate.

No Training

Your marketing and salespeople can focus 100% on generating business and not learning to build LinkedIn contact lists or email list building.

Totally Safe

LeadGrabber helper won’t send invitations or send messages to anyone on LinkedIn. It is totally safe. It just finds your ideal prospects and gets you their work email ID & phone info (typically not on LinkedIn).

Like Hiring an Expert

LeadGrabber Helper is like you hiring someone who is fully trained to come work on your PC to help with LinkedIn list building.

build lead lists from LinkedIn

Build LinkedIn Lists 10x Faster

Here’s how you can get started…

All you need to do is specify the profile of your ideal prospect, title, what they do, what is their background? Anything you know about your prospect.

Our LinkedIn experts will download the LeadGrabber research scheduler to your PC. It will be configured to find your exact leads from your LinkedIn account.

It will find the verified work email ID of your leads and pings to make sure it works. Once all the work is done, the tool sends you a spreadsheet to your email.

eGrabber will not need access to your LinkedIn account. We will not need your password. Your data never researches our server. So it’s safe.

LeadGrabber with a research scheduler makes an average user build LinkedIn lists like an expert. And it makes experts build accurate LinkedIn contact lists 10x faster.

If you sign up today, expect to get 100 leads a day delivered within one business day of purchase.

Only 10c a lead research

You don’t need to hire temporary staff to build LinkedIn lists. You will waste too much time interviewing & training. Our most popular annual LeadGrabber Pro license costs less than 10c a lead. Works out to $5.00 an hour for an expert to build 100 leads.

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