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How to Do Prospect Research – For Better Sales Calls and Improved Conversions

How to Do Prospect Research – For Better Sales Calls and Improved Conversions

In our last blog, we saw how you can leverage social networks to identify and contact C-Level decision makers in your prospective companies. You saw a few techniques on how you can leverage LinkedIn to establish an initial contact and thereon continue the dialogue over your prospect’s business email.

Let us now try and understand what you need to do once your prospect is ready to hear your proposition. One of the most common mistakes that sales professionals commit is to try and make every sales call the same. We must realize that your prospects may be similar, but are not the same. Hence every sales call you make needs to be different and tailor-made to the individual needs of your prospect. The end objective of any sales call is to propose a solution that the prospect wants, but not the one that you have.

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Follow these simple steps to make your sales call a worthy one.

Know Your Prospect

One of the key steps in sales prospecting is to gather as much information as possible about your prospect. You need to get a 360 degree view of your prospect, the industry they operate in, their target customers, their possible business challenges, their growth plans and so on. By being well informed of the prospect, you have better chances of having the prospect hear you better. A few places where you can find some information about your prospects are being presented below. This is not an exhaustive list, but a good starting point, for sure.

Research The Company

Company website – You need to understand your prospect’s line of business, what is their business objective, what could be their biggest challenge and what is their value proposition to their customers, and how you will contribute in helping them achieve their business goals.

Examine who their customers are, what problem of their customers are your prospects trying to address, and how can you help them in solving those problems. By having all this handy, your sales call will turn out to be more of a requirements gathering meeting than a typical pitching.

Research the Professional Side of the Decision Maker

LinkedIn profiles – One of the key forums that sales professionals need to leverage in a B2B prospecting framework is LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile will tell you what kind of a person your prospect is. Read through the profile. Observe the groups subscribed to; read the discussions where you see some participation, see if you have some common connections who can write a nice line about you even before the meeting. Examine if your prospect is asking questions pertaining to some challenge and if you can solve that challenge. All these small things make you more familiar to your prospect even before the call. You would have figured out your call opening statement.

Research the Personal Side of the Decision Maker

Blogs– Sales prospecting can be more meaningful when you also know what kind of a person your prospect is. If your prospect is a blogger, it is worth spending time reading through those blogs. The choice of words will give you an idea on how you should moderate the call with your prospect. If the content is extremely professional and brief to the point, you should adopt the same strategy during your call / meeting. If you find liberal dosages of humour, you can adopt a more friendly approach. A nice way to start the conversation would be to congratulate your prospect for a recent achievement.

The Smart Way

We have a fantastic prospect research tool – eGrabber eMail Prospector – that will get you the business information about any prospect from any nook and corner of the Internet. The best part about this is it can get you the business email addresses and phone of the prospect in a jiffy. This means your time to research and search for information about your prospect is significantly cut down and you have more time to focus on preparing for every call.

Experience the tool

In a nutshell, research well, talk to your prospect in his language and make “prospect research” a part of your working style. Believe me, your prospects will enjoy talking to you and your sales become a cake walk.

Happy Selling!!

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How B2B Lead Generation Companies are Leveraging Tools to Increase Revenues

How B2B Lead Generation Companies are Leveraging Tools to Increase Revenues

Why would a B2B LeadGen company buy a LeadGen tool?

That’s what we asked Launch Leads when they bought LeadGrabber Pro. Read on to find out what they said…

With LeadGrabber Pro, Launch Leads were able to serve 30% more clients than before, increase sales revenue by 25% and save hundreds of man-hours per week.

Now, let’s go into the details.

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Launch Leads provides USA-based outsourced Lead Generation & Appointment Setting Services. They cold-call a targeted list of decision makers and schedule appointments with qualified companies on behalf of their clients. Clients give them a B2B industry list of companies to target.

Previously, their LeadGen team would map out the decision makers manually and then cold call.

Launch Leads tried the LeadGrabber tool to automate this LeadGen process. Now the LeadGrabber tool maps out the decision makers, while the team simultaneously focuses on calling.

LeadGrabber Pro - B2B Lead Generation Companies in USA
LeadGrabber Pro – B2B Lead Generation Software

This gives Launch Leads several advantages, the most important ones are:

  1. Serving multiple clients, in parallel: While the LeadGrabber is mapping out decision makers for one client, the team can focus on calling for another client
  2. Shorter turn-around time: The LeadGrabber can run overnight, so the team can start calling early morning, the very next day.
Top b2b lead generation companies
B2B Lead Generation Software helped US-team

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5 Reasons Why You Should have a Targeted Prospect List

5 Reasons Why You Should have a Targeted Prospect List

A highly-targeted prospect list is one of the most powerful tools that any business should have before embarking on a marketing journey. Unfortunately, many companies don’t pay much attention to this. They either skip or overlook this vital element that can prove to be a costly miss.

Businesses just vaguely assume their target audience and end up losing their marketing dollars. Narrowing down the Target Audience and Building a Targeted Prospect List is not easy. You have to put in a lot of your time and resources. Though it is a tedious and time-consuming task, businesses can’t afford to skip this.

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Why? Read on.

  1. Reach the right people – When you don’t have a target audience, you would be reaching out to the masses in general and not the right people. Your marketing messages would be common for everyone. Chances are that they might not be your ideal prospects. So when you plan your marketing strategies – email marketing or cold calling campaigns or any other marketing activity for that matter, you might not get the desired output because you have not nailed down your target audience in the first place. You are likely to lose your time and resources.
  2. Be aware of your prospects’ problems – Without knowing your target audience, you will not know the challenges they are going through. Hence, you will not be able to provide the best possible solutions to your prospects that address their problems & needs.
  3. Position your product/service aptly – If you don’t know your target audience and their problems, you will not be able to position your product accordingly. You will not have any clue as to which feature, benefit or solution would help solve your prospects’ problems.
  4. Connect with your prospects – When you don’t know your audience, you will not know the jargon and the terminology they use in their industry. When you use the language they speak, you get to connect with them quite easily. Not knowing the audience & their language impedes the opportunity of getting connected.
  5. Develop new features & product lines – Another benefit of knowing your audience and their problems is, it will help you to develop better products & services. It can help you to come up with new features and product lines that help your prospects and serve them better.

Therefore, targeted prospect lists not only help businesses to reach the right prospects but also helps them to know & understand their challenges better and come up with new & innovative solutions.

LeadGrabber Pro is a powerful tool that enables you to build targeted prospect lists in no time! A lot of businesses use this software to quickly build targeted client prospect lists, reach the right prospects and close more sales.

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How to generate leads from LinkedIn Saved Searches

How to generate leads from LinkedIn Saved Searches

LinkedIn indisputably is one of the largest database of C-level decision makers and it is one of the best places to generate leads. It lets you search for your target prospects based on a multitude of search criteria such as title, industry, company size and other demographics. Sales professionals today have the flexibility of using several combinations of their search, build multiple sets / categories of prospect lists and generate leads from LinkedIn.

While this is a good feature, what makes it better is when you use the Saved Search feature. The Saved Search Feature in LinkedIn sends matching profiles to your email inbox on a periodic basis. It’s like having lead-gen on automatic mode!

Look at the simple 3-step illustration below to know how you can generate leads from LinkedIn Saved searches.

Step-1: Search for your target prospects

LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables you to search for your targeted prospects using search filters.

Let us try and search for “Vice President”. Select your preferences based on title, location and other demographics. After using relevant search filters, click Search.

generate leads from LinkedIn

Step-2: Click Save search of your results page

LinkedIn displays the results based on the search criteria. Click on Save search on the top right side of your results page.

How to generate leads from LinkedIn Saved Searches 3

Step-3: Provide necessary input and save the search result

Give a name to your search. Set your preferences on how often you would like to receive email alerts pertaining to this search and save the search. Now the search is saved with the given name and LinkedIn starts sending people’s profiles matching that search criteria to your mailbox.

generate leads from LinkedIn

You can customize and create multiple saved searches. You can quickly run those searches again in future as well.

Generate Leads from LinkedIn Faster than Experts  

As soon as you receive people profiles (from saved search) in your mailbox, use LeadGrabber Pro to find business email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects. The LinkedIn prospecting tool helps you to build targeted prospect lists along with verified business email address and phone numbers of C-level decision makers. You can instantly transfer your leads to Excel, Outlook, Salesforce, etc. Start reaching your decision makers on their business email and phone, and kick start your business with them.

generate linkedin leads
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4 New Ideas for Pursuing Sales Prospects

4 New Ideas for Pursuing Sales Prospects

Prospects Going Silent? – Re-Engage Them

Sales professionals spend over 40% of their productive time in following with their prospects. While the most popular media have been email and phone call, our experience shows that the hit rate is not as big as it should ideally be.

So are there any new ideas out there?

That’s when we bumped into Tim Wackel. Tim is an expert sales coach with a history of leading sales teams, big and small, to great success.  Tim’s approach to the follow-up problem was creative, practical and downright effective. Tim shared his tried-and-tested formula in a Webinar hosted by eGrabber. Here are a few takeaways:

1. Use Lumpy Mail

Tim suggests that you use innovative media to follow up with prospects. Apart from the traditional email and phone call, you should consider using media such as post cards, hand written letters, gifts, freebies etc that actually grab the prospects attention. And they are easy to do… online.

He delivered specific, first-hand examples of how these systems work on the webinar.

4 New Ideas for Pursuing Sales Prospects 5

2. Plan a follow up calendar and execute well

What if your prospect is going to buy in that next phone call? …How do you know?

You don’t. So, Tim recommends a follow up calendar to continuously engage with your prospects. He talks about the frequency, media and the message to be included. By following this calendar, sales professionals ensure that their prospects never go dormant.

Tim took a dive into how this calendar was made and how it was best put to use, in the webinar.

4 New Ideas for Pursuing Sales Prospects 6

3. Breaking up…  in a professional way

Tim tells you why it’s necessary to break up with your prospect… yes, you heard me, break up with your prospect.

And he also tells you how to do it… without slamming the door shut… just in case they come back to you!

The webinar also dwells on how you can rephrase their statements to reengage their prospects who normally do not respond to the traditional follow up content. Here’s just one example.

4 New Ideas for Pursuing Sales Prospects 7

4. Start with Targeted Lists

When you have so little time, why prospect people who will never buy? – Fix the problem before it even begins. Start with a very highly targeted list.

Clinton Rozario from eGrabber showed how it is easy to build a list of your Glen Garry leads using social networks and online profiles. He showed an automated tool which builds your list, once you identify your list of profiles.

4 New Ideas for Pursuing Sales Prospects 8

To Watch the Webinar Recording – Click Here

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Strategy for Sales Prospecting Pipeline to Gain Profit

Strategy for Sales Prospecting Pipeline to Gain Profit

Enterprise selling in the 21 Century – using deep research, social selling skills & empowerment of sales staff to drive revenue

In this webinar Ivor Kellock explains & demonstrates the importance of connecting your prospecting with pipeline building that leads to more closed deals & profit!

Research shows that 57% of the sales process is already completed before a company even calls a sales rep!. When do you get the call?

Ivor demonstrates some basic social selling skills & introduces a key tool in this process eGrabber LeadGrabber Pro for enterprise social sales prospecting that quickly builds pipeline.

view webinar

Why B2B Company’s Sales Success means Getting a Good Prospect list..

Why B2B Company’s Sales Success means Getting a Good Prospect list..

One common missing element for most B2B companies is a good list. Now don’t get me wrong, most companies do have a customer list.  The “List” I am talking about is a “potential customer” or “prospect list”. In all my experience, in this day and age, Incredibly, many companies today are missing this “potential customer list”… this major growth asset!

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Why is a Prospect List important today?

Two technologies had a dramatic effect on how we do business: Voice Mail and the World Wide Web. Between 1990 and 2000 both became universally available to most companies.

239/365: 08/27/2013. Invention of TelephonePrior to Voicemail, it was common place for people to answer their phones. It was our primary form of non face to face communication. The social norm was that to ignore an incoming phone call was rude. In fact, secretaries and “gate-keepers” were asked to return every single call.

The arrival of Voice Mail quickly spelled the end to being able to get your buyer on a direct dial. Today, executives don’t answer the phone. They don’t return the voice messages left by unknown sales representatives. So cold calling is dead and has been dead for over a decade.

The World Wide Web, has had an equally massive impact on the way buyers make decisions. Prior the mid 90’s buyers needed sales people because sales people possessed information. Sales people had catalogues, product knowledge and industry expertise. Sales people had the knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Today, the buyer has all the power. With a few mouse clicks, they can find in depth information about you, your company and your services /products. They can also instantly research your main competitors. They can obtain comparitive reviews of you and your competition.

So, if you do not have a potential prospect list of interested buyers, your chance of success in sales is very low!

Does this mean that the role of sales people is obsolete?

No, not at all!

However, the expectation that your outside sales force will bring in a constant stream of new accounts most likely is. The same buyers that don’t answer the phone and don’t return calls, are still very interested in conversing with sales reps; but only when the time is right… for the buyer!

An intelligent prospect list gives the lead generation department (even if that is you) the power to conduct successful outbound marketing. The art of it is in two vital elements. One to know where and how to find potential customers and two, to understand the triggers that your prospects might respond to. After that it is simply an act of providing headlines and offers that will cause them to act. A laser sharp communication program matched to your potential customer’s buying triggers will pay off big.

Where does this “intelligent” data come from? Thankfully there are amazing new technologies to target and find the contact data that’s required. My next posts will reveal some of those tools and how to use them. In the meantime, check your list.

How many true potential customers do you have that contain full address, phone and email contact information?

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