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Time – Prospecting – And Getting the Jump On Both

Time – Prospecting – And Getting the Jump On Both

There are a lot of critical steps to prospecting new B2B customers. Two of the most common challenges is finding the right target, and then engaging with them. Every day sales people challenged by finding the right contact, their contact info and related information. Even if you use LinkedIn or other tools, you need to be able to connect directly.

Join Tibor Shanto, a sales leader for over 25 years, helping companies achieve and improve their revenue goals.

CEOs, VPs and Directors call Tibor a brilliant sales tactician, he works with leading B2B sales organizations, and creates double digit growth through the execution of their strategy by using the right combination of strategic and tactical execution supported by metrics and a Follow-Through Action Plan.

This webinar deals with the issues of how to find contact information for people you don’t yet know, and then how to engage with them.

  • You’ll also learn the advantage of using Account-Researcher, will save serious time involved in the effort of finding leads and their contact information such as business email address and phone number, and allow you to invest that time in more productive and high value activities, like connecting directly with the prospect.
  • Know how to manage that initial conversation is the other challenge we will address to help you make the most with the leads you generate.
  • Find out how to maximize your time and efforts, how to structure the initial call, and how to manage “objections” so you can move from cold call to selling to buyer more quickly and efficiently.
Data Mining Social Media Channels for BtoB Lead Generation

Data Mining Social Media Channels for BtoB Lead Generation

Shawn Elledge,  Founder / CEO DemandCon and IMS Events
Shawn Elledge
Founder / CEO DemandCon and IMS Events

BtoB Sales and marketing professionals frequently cite Professional Networks as one of the most valuable to incorporate in a marketing and sales strategy. In fact, some statistics report that the Top Professional Social Networks are 277% more effective for BtoB lead generation than Twitter and Facebook. However BtoB professionals are having trouble grasping how to get the most out of these powerful networks.

In this talk that I co-presented with Shawn Elledge ( CEO of Demandcon ), Josh Turner ( Founder of Linked University ) and Rich Kumar ( Customer Success Manager of eGrabber ), we explored techniques how to leverage this powerful network for BtoB lead generation. We will discuss data strategies that work, what doesn’t, and how to build a highly targeted prospect list.


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How to communicate effectively on LinkedIn with your B2B Prospects and Passive Candidates

How to communicate effectively on LinkedIn with your B2B Prospects and Passive Candidates

Viveka von Rosen, on communicating effectively on LinkedIn with B2B Prospects
Viveka Von Rosen
LinkedIn Expert & Author: LinkedIn Marketing:Hour a Day | International Keynote Speaker | Forbes Top 20 Most Influential

Viveka Von Rosen is the author of “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day” and a Forbes Top Ten Women in Social Media. She is a nationally renowned LinkedIn expert & trainer and social media keynote speaker. In particular, she works with recruiters and B2B sales professionals on LinkedIn visibility and how to get them and their companies found on LinkedIn resulting in more passive candidates and B2B leads.

View the recorded webinar, click here.