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How to Quickly Reach Top Decision Makers in B2B Companies

How to Quickly Reach Top Decision Makers in B2B Companies

Your B2B sales success largely depends on how quickly you reach the top decision makers in B2B companies before your competitor does. You have a fantastic product that has everything to beat your competition; a killer sales presentation and one of the most persuasive & irresistible sales pitch. You are now all set to go… But remember, if you don’t deliver this message on time to the ‘top decision maker’ in your prospect company, all your marketing efforts will go down the drain.

How to reach top decision makers

Why reaching decision makers is important in B2B Sales?

Typically, B2B decision makers or C-Level decision makers are a bunch of people who are extremely busy switching between boardroom meetings to conferences to corporate events, etc. You can’t have easy access to these folks. They are often well guarded by gatekeepers whose primary job is to ward off people who aren’t familiar. To make things worse, you just can’t easily find their names and contact information on their websites or on the Internet either. B2B decision makers decide whether they want to buy your product or not.

Therefore, B2B sales folks are often left with just a list of companies. They don’t have any clue about whom to contact and how to contact. So they try reaching the company switchboard, use their investigative skills & try to figure out who the decision maker is and how to reach them. You need to repeat this process for every company and you got to come up with different ways for different companies. Imagine if you had a list of 500 or 1,000 B2B companies, how time-consuming and tiresome it would be? This is where a B2B lead generation software such as LeadGrabber Pro can be handy.

How to reach top decision makers in 3 steps?

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to quickly reach top decision makers in B2B companies. It gets you the names of the decision makers and their business email address as well. You can now directly reach the decision makers’ email inbox. You don’t have to waste your precious time anymore to handle gatekeepers or scour through the Internet to find B2B decision makers and their contact information.

All you need to do is

  1. Enter a list of companies. (LeadGrabber Pro also helps you to build B2B companies list)
  2. Click Tools> C-Level Finder > Append C-Level Finders from Company and select any one of the titles (CEO/EQ, CxOs, CTO/EQ, COO/EQ, CFO/EQ, CMO/EQ, Top HR/EQ) from the list.
  3. LeadGrabber Pro instantly searches the Internet and displays the names of B2B decision makers. Now, with name and company name as input, LeadGrabber Pro helps you to append email addresses of B2B decision makers.


  1. You can also create a new template to find B2B decision makers in a company.
  2. C-Level Finder is an add-on and not a standard feature of the product.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to easily and effortlessly reach top decision makers‘ inbox in no time.

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Engaging your C-Level Decision Makers via LinkedIn

Engaging your C-Level Decision Makers via LinkedIn

As marketers, we use several methods to initiate dialog with prospective customers – cold calls, email campaigns, references, collaterals, etc. However in the recent few years, LinkedIn, if understood in the right way has emerged as the most frequented method to reach B2B prospects – especially if they are C Level decision makers. The best part is there are no gatekeepers, no unmonitored mail boxes, no middlemen. You can engage directly with the decision maker.

Identify LinkedIn Groups

Your decision makers are all over the place. A wise method would be to identify groups they are likely to be a part of. You should have a look at the group statistics, discussions, member demographics, profiles etc. Once you decide that this is the right group, join the group, participate in discussions, like or respond to their comments (please be honest), share your ideas, insights and thoughts. It is worthwhile to invest time and resources in identifying the forums where your C Level decision makers are likely to be present. Read through their profiles and try and understand what their pressing business challenges could be. Share with them a tip or two from your knowledge bank which you feel they may find useful. Give a feeling to your prospect that you indeed understand their business situation and may be able to help them address the same.

You may find a C-Level Executive saying ” Hey, can you tell me more?”. Here is your chance. Go for the kill.

Sending Messages to Group members

When you join a group, LinkedIn allows you to send messages to the members of the group. You can narrow down your search based on title, region, company size etc. These are your prospects. Tell them you are interested in connecting with people like them (C Level Executives, Business Managers, Start up Entrepreneurs etc.). Ask them if they would be interested in connecting with you.  Try and guess what their business challenge could be. Send them an article or knowledge bite that you think can help them combat that.  Maybe an article that subtly talks about how a product or service that you offer can help them address a challenge. At some point, they are likely to ask ” Oh, I didn’t know this, how about a quick chat?”. Here is your chance. Remember, a C-Level professional is hard pressed for time and any small bit of knowledge that can help him address a business challenge is always a reason good enough for him to engage in a dialogue with you.

There is a catch

All of the above is easier said than done. The reason is simply because most C Level Executives and business professionals may also treat LinkedIn more as a networking forum than a business place. You may find people telling that they do not believe in offering or accepting business propositions on LinkedIn solely as a matter of principle. Another reason is because LinkedIn profiles are usually tagged to personal email address which is accessed usually over the weekend (not in for any serious business then). The best way to reach them is to establish the initial contact over LinkedIn and continue the dialogue over a phone or on their business email. At least there is a recall. Also remember, there may be some closed groups where your request for membership may be pending approval for quite a while.

eGrabber’s tools

eGrabber has invented tools that can actually help you in making the process of engaging with C Level decision makers easier and meaningful. Our tools can get you their business emails and phones. That way, your time to find contact information of your prospects is cut down.

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Use LinkedIn to establish your initial contact and thereon continue your serious business over email/phone.

Happy Selling!!!

How to Find Decision Makers?

How to Find Decision Makers?

B2B sales experts say that the key for successful B2B selling is to reach the decision makers on time because they are the ones who play a decisive role in buying your product or service. This may sound easy but the challenge is to find decision makers.

B2B sales folks spend a lot of time on Internet research to just identify the decision makers. They scan through corporate websites, annual reports, various publications, news, events, press releases, etc. to find decision makers. Once they find the decision maker, they have to find decision maker contact information and devise strategies to get past the gate keepers to reach them.

Sales persons have to repeat this time-consuming process on a daily basis to find decision makers / find CEO email addresses and it also poses a high risk of losing their opportunities. This is where a B2B lead generation tool such as LeadGrabber Pro can offer a winning edge.

LeadGrabber Pro is a powerful B2B lead generation software that helps you to find decision makers in a single click.

All you need to do is:
1. Enter the Company name
2. Click Tools > Append Specific Decision Makers from Company and select any one of the titles (C-Level, Exec VP-Level, Director-Level, Manager-Level, Founder, Owner, etc.) from the list
3. If you know both the Job Title and Company name, enter them and click Tools > Append > Append Specific Decision Makers from Company> Automatch with specified Company / Job Title

LeadGrabber Pro instantly searches the Internet and displays the name of the decision maker in just a few seconds. Once you have found the name of the decision maker, you can find the decision maker contact information such as email address, phone number, postal address, etc.

Find Decision makers mailing lists

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to find decision makers for any number of companies and it helps you reach decision makers in no time.

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