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How Staffing & Outsourcing Firms can quickly Fix the Blind Spots & Win More Clients

How Staffing & Outsourcing Firms can quickly Fix the Blind Spots & Win More Clients

Even established Staffing & Outsourcing companies lose business to competitors because of this blind spot. But, you can fix it in no time & win more clients.

Let’s assume the situation goes like this:
Mary’s (staffing business Owner) best friend is John (startup founder) known for 5+ years. John’s company is growing & hiring like hell, but the job orders are outsourced to Mary’s competitors and not Mary. Here’s why..

There is a huge blind spot here:

  • John’s team is hiring and not John.
  • John’s team doesn’t know the CEO’s friend Mary can do the job.
  • AND Mary’s team doesn’t know her best friend John is hiring.

This is where companies lose their business to their competitors. This is where a tool such as JobGrabber can be handy for staffing & outsourcing companies.

Fastest Way to Win More Clients

JobGrabber helps Mary solve this problem in no time. JobGrabber flags all the companies in Mary’s network that are hiring roles their company can fill.

know who in your network is hiring & win more clients

JobGrabber correlates job postings on popular Job-Boards with LinkedIn and CRM/Excel connections.

JobGrabber enables any salesperson in a staffing/outsourcing company to flag job postings where there is an existing connection to any employee at the hiring company. The contact could be through network or CRM.

JobGrabber is a new and faster way for salespeople to get new clients and job-orders

JobGrabber helps salespeople to leverage the network of their founders and CXO’s to find entry into job openings.

JobGrabber enables business owners to leverage their relationships to win more clients & for faster growth.

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