How to Build a Customer Database from Google Maps

How to Build a Customer Database from Google Maps

Google Maps isn’t just for finding the best latte. It’s a treasure trove of untapped sales potential waiting to be mined by savvy salespeople like you. Successful salespeople are building thriving customer databases by turning Google Maps into their secret weapon.


Dive into this post and discover how to build a customer database from Google Maps and transform your Maps app from a navigation buddy to a lead-generating goldmine in no time!

How to build a Customer Database

As said earlier, Google Maps helps you to build your prospective customer database. For example, you want to target “Florists in New York” and you search for them in Google Maps.

Google Maps displays the list of florists in New York. The company names are listed on the left side & their locations are displayed on the right side.

how to build a customer database

The company names displayed on the left side also include consumer rating, location and business hours details. When you click on the company name, it displays more details about the company such as company address, plus code, company website URL, business phone numbers, etc. You can also see if the company is open, closed or open 24 hours, etc. In addition, driving directions, nearby locations and options to share the location are also displayed.

How to build a Customer Database List

Now that you have found a list of prospective customers, the next step is to build a customer database list. You need to transfer the company names along with their business contact information such as contact name, address, phone number, email address, Fax number, etc. into an Excel sheet or your database. You have to manually click each company name and copy-paste the company information into your database.

Typically, search results run to multiple pages and if you manually copy-paste the search results from multiple pages, you will have to spend a lot of time & effort. In addition, manual data entry is prone to errors, which can affect the accuracy of your customer database. You can have a dedicated resource for this purpose but the time and effort it takes to build a customer database list still remains the same. It only increases your expenses. This is where a Google Maps extractor such as ListGrabber comes in handy.

Build Customer Database from Google Maps in a Click

ListGrabber is a powerful Google Maps extractor that helps you to build a customer database from Google Maps in a click.

With ListGrabber, building a customer database is a breeze.

Try the following:

  1. Search for businesses (your target audience) on Google Maps.
  2. Select the search results
  3. Click on the Grab button on the ListGrabber toolbar.

ListGrabber instantly extracts the company name, address, phone number, website URL etc., and transfers the leads to the ListGrabber grid. You can check the records and transfer all the leads or only the selected records to your database. ListGrabber enables you to instantly transfer the leads to ACT!, Excel, Outlook, and so on.

You don’t have to manually copy-paste the leads anymore. ListGrabber helps you to build your customer leads database in no time. In addition, the Google Maps extractor software eliminates the tedious task of manually navigating to the next page. You would have noticed that search results from search engines or online business directories run across multiple pages.

You have to click the Next button to view the search results. ListGrabber does that for you. It automatically navigates to the next page and helps you to build your customer database list easily and effortlessly. You can build your free customer database from any industry or location.

Successful sales folks use ListGrabber to build a customer database for small businesses & customer lead generation.

What are you waiting for?

Use ListGrabber to build a customer database from Google Maps & close more sales.

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