5 Ideas to Have Faster Sales Momentum than your Competitors

5 Ideas to Have Faster Sales Momentum than your Competitors

2021 has both good news and a bad news for b2b businesses. The good one is that everyone expects Jan-Mar 2021 to be a great time for business. This means your competitors are also expecting the same, that is 2021 to be fantastic year.

But the reality is, only one of you can win.

There is a lot of optimism among businesses, because researchers have developed a safe and effective COVID-19 Vaccines successfully. USA has implemented appropriate policies to help return employees back to work. And, after months of improvising, CFOs has recognized they need a new approach to 2021, releasing real bigger $budgets.

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What can you do now, to have a faster sales momentum than your competitors?

Some ideas include:

1. Close as many small starter deals as you can in December. Go for volume. This will get customers to be talking to you in 2021.

2. Curate new and engaging sales messaging now, test them thoroughly now and be prepared.

3. Schedule demos and line up appointments for early January as much you can, so you can try fast and improve faster.

4. Build targeted prospect lists, research them, and have custom scripts ready.

5. Engage with all the people on your prospect lists in some manner on social media in December, so you stay top of mind.

I am sure there are lot more things you are doing to have a faster sales momentum. Please do share some of your ideas in the comments section below.

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