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Extract Data from Yellow Pages Directories to Excel in 3 Simple Steps

Extract Data from Yellow Pages Directories to Excel in 3 Simple Steps

One of the popular free, online sources of business prospects is yellow pages directories. It helps you to quickly search and find your targeted prospects. However, to build lists, you need to manually export yellow pages search to an Excel spreadsheet.

Most sales folks spend a lot of time & effort to build business contact lists, prospect lists, business mailing lists, email marketing lists, cold-calling lists, etc. Before calling prospects, they manually copy-paste every contact detail from yellow pages directories to Excel. It can get really tiresome and this is where a sales lead generation tool such as ListGrabber can come handy.

Extract Online Directories Data to Excel Spreadsheets

ListGrabber is a smart & powerful sales lead generation tool that helps you to extract data from yellow pages to excel in 3 simple steps – Search, Select & Grab.

  1. Go to any yellow pages directory and search for your target audience.
  1. The search results are displayed. Now, select the search results.
  1. You have two options to extract yellow pages search to Excel spreadsheet:
  • Launch ListGrabber and click the Grab button on the toolbar. This option enables you to instantly capture the contacts from the yellow pages search results to ListGrabber grid. You can verify the contact details and check for duplicate contacts; select Excel as the destination application and then transfer all or selected contacts to Excel.
  • Launch ListGrabber and click on the Excel icon on the ListGrabber toolbar. The contacts from yellow pages directories search page are instantly transferred to Excel spreadsheet.

ListGrabber intelligently captures the name, address, email ID, phone number, Fax and other contact details of the prospects (multiple contacts) and helps you to export data from yellow pages to Excel in no time.

Try this tool to extract business leads & contacts in a click from yellow pages directories and any sources on the internet.

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eGrabber is not affiliated with any providers of online directories or lists. ListGrabber is designed to import contact data that is visible on the screen and copy able to a clipboard. All eGrabber tools should be used only where it is legal to do so.