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Why B2B Company’s Sales Success means Getting a Good Prospect list..

Why B2B Company’s Sales Success means Getting a Good Prospect list..

Richard Nelson

Founder | Owner at Sales
More Profit and Sales. Fewer Sales People.

I can custom design a sales training program upon request. Our program, the New Art of Prospecting is perfect for sales reps who have to develop new business on their own.

We have developed a powerful lead generation system that involves 2 tools and a specialized method - but anyone with the will can set up a result producing lead generator.

Specialties: Small to medium sized companies hire us when:
1. You want More Profit and Sales (often by sales growth).
2. You need more leads/inquiries to fill your sales pipeline.
3. You understand the value of inbound marketing and would like an assist or full service.
4. Your sales force is falling short on new business development.
5. You want to update or develop your CRM, email system or communications platform.

One common missing element for most B2B companies is a good list. Now don’t get me wrong, most companies do have a customer list.  The “List” I am talking about is a “potential customer” or “prospect list”. In all my experience, in this day and age, Incredibly, many companies today are missing this “potential customer list”… this major growth asset!

Why is a Prospect List important today?

Two technologies had a dramatic effect on how we do business: Voice Mail and the World Wide Web. Between 1990 and 2000 both became universally available to most companies.

239/365: 08/27/2013. Invention of TelephonePrior to Voicemail, it was common place for people to answer their phones. It was our primary form of non face to face communication. The social norm was that to ignore an incoming phone call was rude. In fact, secretaries and “gate-keepers” were asked to return every single call.

The arrival of Voice Mail quickly spelled the end to being able to get your buyer on a direct dial. Today, executives don’t answer the phone. They don’t return the voice messages left by unknown sales representatives. So cold calling is dead and has been dead for over a decade.

The World Wide Web, has had an equally massive impact on the way buyers make decisions. Prior the mid 90’s buyers needed sales people because sales people possessed information. Sales people had catalogues, product knowledge and industry expertise. Sales people had the knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Today, the buyer has all the power. With a few mouse clicks, they can find in depth information about you, your company and your services /products. They can also instantly research your main competitors. They can obtain comparitive reviews of you and your competition.

So, if you do not have a potential prospect list of interested buyers, your chance of success in sales is very low!

Does this mean that the role of sales people is obsolete?

No, not at all!

However, the expectation that your outside sales force will bring in a constant stream of new accounts most likely is. The same buyers that don’t answer the phone and don’t return calls, are still very interested in conversing with sales reps; but only when the time is right… for the buyer!

An intelligent prospect list gives the lead generation department (even if that is you) the power to conduct successful outbound marketing. The art of it is in two vital elements. One to know where and how to find potential customers and two, to understand the triggers that your prospects might respond to. After that it is simply an act of providing headlines and offers that will cause them to act. A laser sharp communication program matched to your potential customer’s buying triggers will pay off big.

Where does this “intelligent” data come from? Thankfully there are amazing new technologies to target and find the contact data that’s required. My next posts will reveal some of those tools and how to use them. In the meantime, check your list.

How many true potential customers do you have that contain full address, phone and email contact information?

How to Build B2B Prospect Lists in No Time

How to Build B2B Prospect Lists in No Time

To jumpstart your B2B email campaigns, you have got to have one of the most powerful and important ingredients – a targeted B2B prospect list that contains the name, business email address and phone number of prospects/companies who want your products or services.

You can always build a B2B prospect list on your own. You have to begin with manually searching and researching on the Internet to get a targeted list of companies. After that, you need to find decision makers in those companies and their business contact information. Well, this definitely takes a lot of time and effort.

It gets even worse if you were to build a customized, targeted prospect list – say, a list of software companies located in North America with more than 1000 employees and revenue ranging from $100-200M. You will end up spending weeks and may have to employ more resources to build the list faster.

Another way to go about this is to buy lists from vendors. But they are quite expensive. List vendors sell the same list to everyone where you lose your competitive advantage and chances are very high that the data is outdated.

This is where a B2B list building software such as LeadGrabber Pro can be handy.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to easily & effortlessly build targeted B2B prospect lists in no time. It helps you to find potential prospects from real-time sources and instantly extract them to an Excel sheet,, PCRecruiter, ACT!, etc. The B2B list building software enables you to build any targeted prospect list in just a few hours.

What’s more? LeadGrabber Pro also helps you to find decision makers in the companies and append their business email address and phone numbers.

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