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How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results

A lot of B2B companies have started to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting. If you haven’t started, you will have to or you might lose potential prospects & customers on LinkedIn. Prospecting on LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most essential sales prospecting strategies adopted by B2B sales development reps and business development professionals. LinkedIn prospecting helps you to find your prospects & turn them into customers than any other social networking platform. This blog post will help you to learn how you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for lead generation.

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How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed for LinkedIn Prospecting. Unlike LinkedIn Basic & LinkedIn Premium versions, it helps you to prospect for sales leads efficiently. However, you need to know how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate leads effectively. Here are some of the features that will help you to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting.

1. How to use Sales Navigator to Generate Leads

Search is one of the most powerful features that will help you to leverage LinkedIn. Let’s see how you can use sales navigator to generate leads using the search feature. When it comes to LinkedIn prospecting, searching for leads and accounts is the first thing you would do. LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to set your sales preferences based on your requirements. You can set your preferences such as Geographies, Industry, Company Size, Function, and Seniority Level. If you are going to use a particular search criterion regularly, then this comes in handy. You do not need to select those filters every time you search for leads. You can edit your sales preferences under Settings.

However, you can disable your preferences and search for leads based on new search criteria as well. LinkedIn Sales Navigator also recommends leads and accounts for you based on your activity.   

linkedin sales navigator for prospecting

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to search for leads and accounts using the Lead Filters and Account Filters. If you remember, it is the Advanced Search feature that you had in the LinkedIn Basic version. The feature has been removed from the basic version and moved to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Click All Filters to access the Lead Filters and Account Filters.

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results 1

You can search for leads using the Top filters, Role & tenure filters, Company filters and Other filters. There are around 23 lead filters that you can use to search for leads. The lead filters will help you to drill down your search and find targeted leads. Once you have found the leads, you can save them and you can connect with them.  

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results 2

Similarly, you can search for accounts using the Top filters, Size and Other filters. You can search for accounts based on filters such as Department headcount, company headcount, department & company headcount growth, annual revenue and you can search for Fortune companies as well. The account filters also enables you to search for companies based on the number of followers, technologies used, job opportunities and relationships, etc.

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2. How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Find Similar Leads

When it comes to prospecting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, the next powerful feature that you can use is View similar. Sales Navigator helps you to find leads that are similar to your ideal prospects. When you find your ideal prospect in your search results and if you want to find similar leads, click on the ellipsis button next to the Save button and click View Similar.

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results 3

It displays a list of similar leads that you are looking for. This feature will help you to learn how to generate leads through LinkedIn Sales Navigator and get a list of targeted prospects in no time.

3. LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Lead Generation through Job Change Alerts

Job Change Alerts is another handy feature for LinkedIn prospecting. You can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find if your prospects and existing customers have changed jobs. The search results in LinkedIn Sales Navigator display the number of people who have changed jobs in the past 90 days. This handy feature will help you to make more sales. Try this out.

Build a list of your prospects and existing customers in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn alerts you when your prospects or customers change jobs. You can reach out to those people to look for new sales opportunities. Chances are high that you can make more conversions because your customers already know you or they might have already used your product in their previous company. Similarly, your prospects might also be open for a demo since they already know you.

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results 4

In addition, the search results also display the total number of leads, the number of people who have posted on LinkedIn in the past 30 days and the number of people who have shared their experiences with you. You can click the respective tabs to view the information.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator displays Alerts on the saved leads and accounts. If the saved accounts are mentioned in the news or if they share any updates, they are mentioned in the Alerts. Similarly, when you saved lead posts or share something, you get an alert. This way, you get to know about the activities of your targeted leads and accounts. You can also know about your prospect’s likes and interests, which will be helpful for email personalization. This feature will help you to make the most of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting and get great results.

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4. Saved Search – Save Time & Effort

If you are using LinkedIn for sales prospecting, then you should use this feature. It will save you a lot of your time. If you are someone who performs multiple searches, then the Saved Search feature will come in handy. Once you perform a lead search, the results are displayed.

Click Save Search on the top right corner of the page.

A Save your lead search window pops up.

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results 5

You can enter the name of your search, select the Alert frequency – Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Never and click Save Search.

Your search gets saved under Saved Searches.

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results 6

With Saved Searches, you do not need to enter the search criteria every time you search for it and it is very difficult for you to remember them since you are doing multiple searches. Saved search makes LinkedIn prospecting a lot more easier and quicker.

5. Reach out to Prospects via LinkedIn InMails

InMails is one of the premium features that helps you to leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting. You can reach out to your targeted leads via well-crafted LinkedIn InMail messages. You can research your prospect and come up with a personalized message that connects with your prospect easily.

Use a compelling subject line, craft your message around your prospect’s needs, start a quick conversation and ensure that you keep it short and simple. You need to have in mind that you get only limited InMail credits based on your subscription and you cannot send hundreds of messages that you can do using normal emails. It is one of the LinkedIn prospecting methods that can give you results if used effectively.

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6. Generate Leads through LinkedIn Groups

Using LinkedIn Groups is one of the best methods to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting. You can easily find your targeted audience on LinkedIn Groups. The LinkedIn basic version enables you to join relevant groups where your prospects are, participate in discussions, contribute your ideas and establish yourself as a thought leader in your respective domain. You can connect with your prospects, strike a conversation and gradually get into that zone where you can pitch in your products or services.

Whereas LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you to search leads from LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting

You can use the Groups filter to search for leads. You can also filter leads based on when your prospects joined the group, from one day ago up to 3 months ago.

All the above LinkedIn prospecting methods will help you to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting. However, it takes a bit of time & effort to find, search, research, and reach out to your prospects. This is where LinkedIn prospecting tools come in handy.

LinkedIn Prospecting Tool to Speed up Prospecting

LeadGrabber Pro is a smart LinkedIn prospecting tool that enables you to find your ideal prospects and build targeted prospect lists on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn prospecting software also appends verified work email IDs and phone numbers of your prospects. You can export lead list from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and reach your ideal prospects in no time.

The LinkedIn prospecting tool enables you to find decision makers & C-level executives from any location or industry. Prospecting on LinkedIn becomes easy with LeadGrabber Pro. It helps you to speed up LinkedIn prospecting, generate targeted sales leads and make more sales conversions.

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How to Generate Leads from LinkedIn Groups (Quickly)

How to Generate Leads from LinkedIn Groups (Quickly)

If you want your B2B business to sustain & grow, you need to consistently generate new sales leads. One of the best ways is to generate leads on LinkedIn. Why? It is the fastest-growing professional networking site where you can find more than 700 million professionals, all at one place. If you want to generate targeted leads, then LinkedIn groups is the best option. Do you want to know how to generate leads from LinkedIn? This blog post will help you to learn how to use LinkedIn for lead generation.

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How to use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

A lot of B2B companies are using LinkedIn to generate leads and they are quite successful too. In this blog post, let us see how LinkedIn groups can be of great help to companies for LinkedIn B2B lead generation. LinkedIn Groups help you to Find your Target Audience that matches your Ideal Customer Profile. LinkedIn groups enable you to target prospects that aren’t your connections. You can find hundreds and thousands of like-minded professionals, all in one group.

LinkedIn groups also enable you to engage with your audience effectively. There are millions of LinkedIn groups. This simply shows the vast potential that businesses can tap into if they mastered the art of how to use LinkedIn for lead generation effectively, especially LinkedIn groups.

how to generate leads on linkedin

7 Tips on How to Generate Leads from LinkedIn using Groups

Here are 7 proven tips that will help you to learn how to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn using Groups. This step-by-step process will help you to learn the art of using LinkedIn to generate leads.

1. Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups

The first step is to search for LinkedIn groups that are relevant for your business. You can use keywords to search LinkedIn groups. For example, if you want to search groups related to “B2B sales”, “B2B marketing”, “B2B lead generation”, “decision makers,” etc, enter the search criteria to find those groups. Identify LinkedIn groups where your prospects are and join those groups. Also join LinkedIn groups that belong to a specific industry you are targeting. Once you have sent the request to join groups, it might take some time for approval.

how to generate leads on linkedin

You can also try creating LinkedIn groups. You can create your own LinkedIn group but it would take a long time to reap the benefits, especially with respect to LinkedIn B2B lead generation. You have to invite your connections to join the group and it takes a lot of time to have a sizeable number of group members.

2. Follow LinkedIn Groups Best Practices

Now that you have joined LinkedIn groups, you have to follow LinkedIn groups best practices to successfully leverage its potential. It will help you to participate, contribute and engage with the prospects well within the rules and guidelines mandated by the group owners and admins. This enables you to stay safe and make the most of the benefits of LinkedIn groups for your business.

3. Engage with Prospects on LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups enable you to engage with your targeted prospects effectively. Initially, you can just observe the discussions happening in the group, the type of questions posted, answers and suggestions, the pain points that they are facing, etc. Once you get a hold of what’s happening, you can start participating in the group. You can also contribute to the group by sharing valuable insights that helps group members solve their problems.

4. Become a LinkedIn Thought Leader

You can become a LinkedIn thought leader on LinkedIn Groups. Do not jump into every discussion. Choose the topics that you are familiar with and have enough knowledge. This helps you to contribute genuinely and in a more meaningful manner. When you continue to share more insights and useful information about a particular topic, it makes the group members to see you as a go-to person for solutions in that area. You can also raise questions that you are interested in to start a discussion. When you are sharing articles, please do not stick to your blog or websites. Share other blog posts & articles that are helpful to the group members.

5. What you should avoid on LinkedIn Groups

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind is, do not promote your products or services aggressively. Because some groups have rules that restrict certain things that you need to be aware of. Violating those rules might lead to blockage or removal from the group. Generally, LinkedIn groups don’t allow excessive promotion or hard selling and spamming the group with multiple posts that annoy other group members.

Please avoid joining groups where you will not be able to contribute.  Posting random information that is completely irrelevant to the audience or the discussion topic might put you in bad light. Also, starting a discussion and not responding to group member’s queries/responses is also a big NO on LinkedIn groups.

6. How to Generate B2B Leads on LinkedIn Groups

As said earlier, you can generate leads on LinkedIn Groups. Now you are part of the groups where your target audience hangs in. You need to focus on the group members, analyze the group members – the industry, title, etc. What are their goals, what motivates them, and what they are interested in?

These inputs will help you to understand the group members better and create content that caters to their needs. This ensures that your posts and updates add value and are relevant to your target audience. Also, you can create content based on a question that is often raised in the group.

The next step is to finalize the type of content – a blog post or video etc. based on the purpose. Once you have created killer content that attracts your prospects, you can start sharing the content on LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups as well. Please ensure that your post entices the prospects to click through to your content. This is where you are pulling your target audience towards your blog or website.

In other words, you are generating sales leads for your business. You can use any interesting statistics, findings, solutions or any powerful words that grab your prospect’s attention and make them to click. Also, if you are a member of multiple groups, ensure that you tailor your message according to the groups. Avoid posting the same message across all groups.

7. Engage your Target Audience via Direct Messages

Another way to engage your target audience is to send content links via direct message to your LinkedIn group members. Again, please refrain from any hard-selling tactics. Start the conversation with a subtle approach. Some people might respond. Reply to them promptly with relevant information or data that they ask for.

Try building a rapport, earn their trust and maybe you can gradually get into the zone when you think that the time is ripe. Posting valuable content on groups will help you to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn. However, you need to know the limits that help you to be in the safe zone.

generate leads from LinkedIn

Measure the results periodically. Analyze the topics that get more engagements – likes, share, discussions, interactions & inquiries. What type of content works best for you. By this way, you can eliminate certain things that don’t work for you and improve on the strategies that gives you good results.

LinkedIn groups is an effective way to reach your target audience with the right message, engage with them, build relationships and generate sales leads.

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How to use LinkedIn Likes to Generate New Sales Leads

How to use LinkedIn Likes to Generate New Sales Leads

According to Forbes, “2O2O is the year of personalized marketing.” Email personalization helps you to not just reach inboxes but also humans. Focused lists with personalized email blasts have been shown to generate new sales leads than generic emails sent to an entire list.

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In a customer-centric world, prospects expect to receive more personalized content and experience. Most of the marketers agree to the fact that email personalization helps increase customer engagement, open & click-through rates, and sales revenue. Therefore, it is essential for B2B Businesses to personalize all their marketing and lead generation campaigns to get leads and maximize ROI.

Email Personalization Strategy to Get Leads & Maximize ROI

Typically, email personalization is done using common demographics such as the prospect’s name, title, or company. But if you want to get maximum results, you have got to know the finer details of the prospects such as his/her interests. Based on this information, you can target your audience with similar interests. When you personalize your email – subject line, content based on your prospects’ interests, chances are high for open & click-through rates. Once you find a more similar audience, you will have a list of prospects with similar interests whom you can reach out to. This is called tighter targeting.

Unlike sending a generic email template to thousands of prospects, sending personalized emails to focused lists based on tighter targeting will help you boost lead generation results. You can get more sales leads & increase conversions. It will also help you avoid the spam trap and retain your sender’s reputation.  

How to use LinkedIn to Generate New Sales Leads

“LinkedIn LIKES” marketing is one successful lead generation method that I used to generate new sales leads. It helped me to personalize emails effectively, generate targeted sales leads and get great results.  

What is ‘LinkedIn LIKES’ Marketing?

LinkedIn is the only professional network that gives precise data about user interests and activities. ‘LinkedIn LIKES’ marketing helps you to find your prospect’s interests and also find prospects with similar interests. If used effectively, it can become a powerful LinkedIn lead generation tool especially for people who use LinkedIn for sales prospecting.  

How to leverage LinkedIn likes for B2B lead generation

  • Engage with your Social Media Audience
    If you have a bigger audience base and publish content or post articles to them on a daily basis, you might have a lot of people liking and commenting on your post. It is because they have found your product or services useful. ‘LinkedIn likes’ marketing helps you to convert your LinkedIn Likes into New Sales Leads. You can target selected audience and engage with them.
  • Target your Prospects where they Flock Together
    Follow experts and relevant hash tags that your prospects would be interested in. This helps you to target your prospects more accurately as they are found at one place based on their interests.

LinkedIn Likes marketing helps you to find your prospect’s interest and build a list of prospects with similar interests. (Tighter targeting). You can use this email personalization strategy to get LinkedIn sales leads & maximize results.

In my case, our best customers are people who are on LinkedIn and who use LinkedIn for sales prospecting. On that account, I follow cold email experts on LinkedIn who writes a lot about email marketing, cold email messaging and LinkedIn sales prospecting. I also follow hash tags such as #sales #B2Bsales #emailtraining, etc., Hence, I get all the related posts coming up in my newsfeed.

How to use LinkedIn Likes to Generate New Sales Leads 8

In my recent activity, I chose a LinkedIn post which had 700+ likes. I quickly segmented my list and chose prospects that are the best fit. I reached out to them via cold email.

How to use LinkedIn Likes to Build your Email List?

If you are wondering how I built an email list of people who liked the LinkedIn post and emailed them, read on.

I used LeadGrabber Pro – a LinkedIn lead generation tool that copy pastes the Name, company and Title of the prospects into a grid. The software then appends missing contact information such as business email address and phone numbers. The tool also fills up the LinkedIn ID, Web URL, Company LinkedIn ID, job title level, business email domain, city, region, state, zip, industry and several other details of your prospects. Using these contact details, I was able to reach out to my prospects with a personalized email referring to the post that they liked on LinkedIn.

B2B Cold Email Templates that Got Responses

I used two different cold email templates and did an A/B test. I added a screenshot of the post to one email and sent out the other with only text in it.

How to use LinkedIn Likes to Generate New Sales Leads 9

To my surprise, the text won over the screenshot. But what I loved about this was, I sent out only 233 emails and got 16% response rate. I got a lot of appointments and sales conversions. That’s a pretty great success for my targeted email campaign.

As this works out really nice and got me a good number of targeted LinkedIn sales leads, I would encourage you to try LinkedIn likes marketing as well. You can customize selecting hash tags according to your own industry and your prospects’ interests to make it work for you. Make sure you find out LinkedIn posts that your prospects have liked recently. This will help your prospects to recognize the post that you are talking about in your email.

If you want to convert your LinkedIn likes into new LinkedIn sales leads, fill in the form below and we will get back to you with a live demo.