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How to Generate Top Quality B2B Leads & Close Deals Faster

How to Generate Top Quality B2B Leads & Close Deals Faster

B2B Lead Generation is not about quantity but quality of leads. Generating hundreds of leads that are generic or irrelevant will not yield the desired outcome. Unfortunately, this is what is happening in most of the B2B companies. They find it difficult to generate top quality B2B leads and it remains as one of their major challenges.         

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Quality of B2B Leads – A Major Challenge

SDRs and lead generation / business development teams are responsible for building the B2B sales pipeline. However, they are finding it difficult and sometimes clueless about how to handle lead generation.  Identifying the right prospects is the #1 challenge and the next big challenge is finding business contact information as the data is incomplete most of the times.

Buying leads from vendors is another option to cut down the time and grab a few number of leads quickly. But there is no guarantee that all the leads you buy are your target audience. Another challenge is the quality of data. The leads are generally procured over a period of time. By the time you buy, maybe the contacts might have joined another company or got promoted or moved to another industry or geography, etc. The contact information cannot be relied upon. Most importantly, the leads you buy from vendors are very expensive.

Planning your marketing campaigns based on inaccurate data or low quality of leads can be a disaster not only for the marketing team but for the organization as well. You burn your hard-earned money on leads that are not your target audience. You not only lose your money, but lose your precious time, team morale and lose sales opportunities to your competitors. This is where tools & technology come in handy.

Software to Generate Top Quality B2B Leads & Close Sales Faster

generate top quality B2B leads

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B lead generation software that helps you to generate top quality B2B leads & close deals faster. The B2B lead generation tool helps you to find the right prospects that suit your ideal customer profile.

  • Generate only Fresh Leads – The tool intelligently skips the leads that are already available in your CRM and gets you only fresh leads 20x faster than experts.
  • Generate Top Quality Leads with Similar Interests – Knowing the likes and interests of your prospects play a vital role in personalizing your message and customizing your offering. With a click of a button, LeadGrabber Pro helps you to generate leads with similar interests.
  • Generate Laser-Focused B2B leads from Groups & Events – LeadGrabber also helps you to generate targeted leads from groups & events on social media platforms. You can drill down your prospects and generate only those leads that suit your ideal customer profile.
  • Generate Leads that Close Faster – LeadGrabber Pro helps you to identify high-probability prospects – prospects who are more likely to buy your product or service. You don’t have to spend more time or effort with these type of prospects. You can close deals faster with high-probability prospects.
  • Get Coworker Emails for Free – LeadGrabber Pro gives you coworker emails for Free! Say, you reached out to your targeted prospect – a C-suite executive and she didn’t respond. Coworker emails will help you to reach out to the C-level decision maker who did not respond. You can also reach out to multiple contacts in your target companies.
  • Generate Leads on Auto Pilot Mode – You can automate the entire process – Just set it up once. LeadGrabber Pro automatically builds your targeted prospect list and finds business email addresses & phone numbers of targeted prospects. You can generate 500 leads every single day and get them on your inbox.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to generate top quality B2B leads in no time. You don’t have to worry about either quantity or quality. LeadGrabber takes care of that. You can generate B2B leads like experts, save a lot of time & resources and focus more on reaching the prospects rather than spending countless hours on the Internet. With a click of a button, you can transfer your leads to Excel, Outlook, Salesforce, PCRecruiter, etc.

LeadGrabber Pro is the only B2B lead generation software that helps you to generate top quality B2B leads in more than 50 fastest ways.

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How to Generate Leads in Sales (500 Leads Every Day)

How to Generate Leads in Sales (500 Leads Every Day)

If you want your company to grow, you need to learn how to generate leads in sales consistently to feed your sales pipeline. But studies reveal that the marketing/demand generation/lead generation teams are unable to generate sales leads that are sufficient to keep the salespeople busy. This eventually dries up your sales pipeline and hits the revenues & growth of your company. However, successful salespeople know how to generate leads in sales. This blog post will help you to learn how you can quickly generate leads in sales (500 leads every day) and become successful.

How to Generate Leads in Sales (500 Leads Every Day) 3

Generate B2B Leads in no Time!

How to Generate Leads in Sales

Let’s see what successful salespersons do to generate sales leads. They would leave no stone unturned to generate sales leads. They wouldn’t rely on only one source for leads. Instead, they always look for new opportunities to generate sales leads from various sources. They also use automated lead generation tools to generate sales leads. This helps them to keep their sales pipeline full. It enables them to reach the right prospects, improve sales conversions, increase sales revenues and be always on top.

How to Generate Leads on your own

You can generate sales leads on your own. The Internet provides a lot of opportunities to generate sales leads on your own. Search engines, company websites, social & professional networking sites, blogs, forums, association websites & user groups are some of the major sources to look for potential sales leads. But, social & professional networking sites such as LinkedIn help you to generate targeted leads. It helps you to narrow down your search based on targeted industry, title, skill set, company size, location, and a lot more. Professional networks also enable you to generate sales leads from a niche market that you will not be able to find anywhere else. 

How to get Leads in Sales (Manually)

Before knowing how to get leads in sales, you need to know that you need some skills to generate leads in sales manually. Salespeople need to have some Internet research skills. Yes, you need to know the art of generating leads from social networks & search engines. Once you identify the source of leads, you need to manually copy-paste the prospect data from various sources into an Excel file or CRM. It is a time-consuming and tiresome task.

Once you have built the list of qualified prospects, you need to get the business contact information of your prospects. If you are targeting B2B companies, you need to focus on the C-suite executives or decision-makers. Finding business contact information for decision makers is another huge task because you can’t find their contact information easily on the Internet.  It again is a tedious task.

But, some salespeople with some Internet research skills try generating their own leads and manage their daily sales activities as well. But, it is very difficult. It takes a heavy toll on sales productivity. It certainly affects any one of their core activities, either selling or lead generation. But, both are important. This is where successful salespeople use lead generation virtual assistants to generate leads in sales. It helps them to automate sales lead generation, save a lot of time and spend more time speaking to the prospects, and close more sales.

How to Generate Leads in Sales – 500 Leads Every Single Day!

LeadGrabber Scheduler, a B2B lead generation virtual assistant, is a must-have tool for all salespeople to easily & effortlessly generate leads (Try Now – Get 150 Leads for Free!) and still have a lot of time to sell and close more sales. The lead generation virtual assistant completely automates the B2B lead generation process and helps you to generate B2B sales leads in no time.

All you have to do is:

  • Search for prospects based on title, location, industry, company size, etc. The search results display thousands of profiles that run across many pages.
  • Add the search result to LeadGrabber Scheduler. The entire search result is now split into smaller chunks of search results. For example, if the search result displays 2000 profiles, LeadGrabber Scheduler splits the results into 4 sets of 500 profiles each. LeadGrabber Scheduler can help you build up to 50,000 leads at one go.

LeadGrabber Scheduler automatically schedules the B2B lead generation process on a daily basis. Based on the schedule, LeadGrabber Scheduler builds the list of qualified sales leads and then appends verified business email addresses and phone numbers of the prospects. Once the list is ready, the software automatically sends you an email along with the prospect list. You don’t have to manually intervene anymore. It’s all set!

Even if you have to be out of the office, the B2B Lead Generation Virtual Assistant automatically generates sales leads for you on a daily basis. It helps you to generate 500 sales leads every single day.

What more can a sales development rep ask for?

You can just focus on your sales activities while LeadGrabber Scheduler generates leads for sales and sends it to your inbox every day.

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How to Generate Leads from LinkedIn Groups (Quickly)

How to Generate Leads from LinkedIn Groups (Quickly)

If you want your B2B business to sustain & grow, you need to consistently generate new sales leads. One of the best ways is to generate leads on LinkedIn. Why? It is the fastest-growing professional networking site where you can find more than 700 million professionals, all at one place. If you want to generate targeted leads, then LinkedIn groups is the best option. Do you want to know how to generate leads from LinkedIn? This blog post will help you to learn how to use LinkedIn for lead generation.

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How to use LinkedIn for Lead Generation

A lot of B2B companies are using LinkedIn to generate leads and they are quite successful too. In this blog post, let us see how LinkedIn groups can be of great help to companies for LinkedIn B2B lead generation. LinkedIn Groups help you to Find your Target Audience that matches your Ideal Customer Profile. LinkedIn groups enable you to target prospects that aren’t your connections. You can find hundreds and thousands of like-minded professionals, all in one group.

LinkedIn groups also enable you to engage with your audience effectively. There are millions of LinkedIn groups. This simply shows the vast potential that businesses can tap into if they mastered the art of how to use LinkedIn for lead generation effectively, especially LinkedIn groups.

how to generate leads on linkedin

7 Tips on How to Generate Leads from LinkedIn using Groups

Here are 7 proven tips that will help you to learn how to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn using Groups. This step-by-step process will help you to learn the art of using LinkedIn to generate leads.

1. Join Relevant LinkedIn Groups

The first step is to search for LinkedIn groups that are relevant for your business. You can use keywords to search LinkedIn groups. For example, if you want to search groups related to “B2B sales”, “B2B marketing”, “B2B lead generation”, “decision makers,” etc, enter the search criteria to find those groups. Identify LinkedIn groups where your prospects are and join those groups. Also join LinkedIn groups that belong to a specific industry you are targeting. Once you have sent the request to join groups, it might take some time for approval.

how to generate leads on linkedin

You can also try creating LinkedIn groups. You can create your own LinkedIn group but it would take a long time to reap the benefits, especially with respect to LinkedIn B2B lead generation. You have to invite your connections to join the group and it takes a lot of time to have a sizeable number of group members.

2. Follow LinkedIn Groups Best Practices

Now that you have joined LinkedIn groups, you have to follow LinkedIn groups best practices to successfully leverage its potential. It will help you to participate, contribute and engage with the prospects well within the rules and guidelines mandated by the group owners and admins. This enables you to stay safe and make the most of the benefits of LinkedIn groups for your business.

3. Engage with Prospects on LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups enable you to engage with your targeted prospects effectively. Initially, you can just observe the discussions happening in the group, the type of questions posted, answers and suggestions, the pain points that they are facing, etc. Once you get a hold of what’s happening, you can start participating in the group. You can also contribute to the group by sharing valuable insights that helps group members solve their problems.

4. Become a LinkedIn Thought Leader

You can become a LinkedIn thought leader on LinkedIn Groups. Do not jump into every discussion. Choose the topics that you are familiar with and have enough knowledge. This helps you to contribute genuinely and in a more meaningful manner. When you continue to share more insights and useful information about a particular topic, it makes the group members to see you as a go-to person for solutions in that area. You can also raise questions that you are interested in to start a discussion. When you are sharing articles, please do not stick to your blog or websites. Share other blog posts & articles that are helpful to the group members.

5. What you should avoid on LinkedIn Groups

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind is, do not promote your products or services aggressively. Because some groups have rules that restrict certain things that you need to be aware of. Violating those rules might lead to blockage or removal from the group. Generally, LinkedIn groups don’t allow excessive promotion or hard selling and spamming the group with multiple posts that annoy other group members.

Please avoid joining groups where you will not be able to contribute.  Posting random information that is completely irrelevant to the audience or the discussion topic might put you in bad light. Also, starting a discussion and not responding to group member’s queries/responses is also a big NO on LinkedIn groups.

6. How to Generate B2B Leads on LinkedIn Groups

As said earlier, you can generate leads on LinkedIn Groups. Now you are part of the groups where your target audience hangs in. You need to focus on the group members, analyze the group members – the industry, title, etc. What are their goals, what motivates them, and what they are interested in?

These inputs will help you to understand the group members better and create content that caters to their needs. This ensures that your posts and updates add value and are relevant to your target audience. Also, you can create content based on a question that is often raised in the group.

The next step is to finalize the type of content – a blog post or video etc. based on the purpose. Once you have created killer content that attracts your prospects, you can start sharing the content on LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups as well. Please ensure that your post entices the prospects to click through to your content. This is where you are pulling your target audience towards your blog or website.

In other words, you are generating sales leads for your business. You can use any interesting statistics, findings, solutions or any powerful words that grab your prospect’s attention and make them to click. Also, if you are a member of multiple groups, ensure that you tailor your message according to the groups. Avoid posting the same message across all groups.

7. Engage your Target Audience via Direct Messages

Another way to engage your target audience is to send content links via direct message to your LinkedIn group members. Again, please refrain from any hard-selling tactics. Start the conversation with a subtle approach. Some people might respond. Reply to them promptly with relevant information or data that they ask for.

Try building a rapport, earn their trust and maybe you can gradually get into the zone when you think that the time is ripe. Posting valuable content on groups will help you to generate B2B leads on LinkedIn. However, you need to know the limits that help you to be in the safe zone.

generate leads from LinkedIn

Measure the results periodically. Analyze the topics that get more engagements – likes, share, discussions, interactions & inquiries. What type of content works best for you. By this way, you can eliminate certain things that don’t work for you and improve on the strategies that gives you good results.

LinkedIn groups is an effective way to reach your target audience with the right message, engage with them, build relationships and generate sales leads.

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How to Generate B2B Sales Leads Like a Pro

How to Generate B2B Sales Leads Like a Pro

Business to Business companies that want to grow should consistently generate a steady flow of targeted, top-quality B2B sales leads. But, the fact is, most of the companies are struggling to generate B2B sales leads. B2B marketers say that generating B2B sales leads is one of their biggest challenges.

Challenges to Generate B2B Sales Leads

B2B marketing executives find it difficult to generate a targeted sales leads list with complete contact information. Why because most of their valuable time is spent on searching the Internet to generate the right leads. However, they don’t get any significant results that’s worth the time they spend.

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Expensive Lists

Some businesses spend their entire marketing budget to buy expensive sale lead lists from vendors, which again doesn’t yield much success too. The reason is, vendors sell ready made lists that were built some time ago, say more than 6 months or a year ago. Chances are there that the contacts in that lead list would have moved companies, got promoted, and so on. Which means that the contact information of those contacts would have changed. Therefore, you cannot rely on those lists anymore. 

Another reason why you shouldn’t go for lead lists from vendors is, you can’t get your customized b2b sales leads list. The list you buy will also be sold to your competitors as well. So, you lose your competitive advantage. That is why experts always suggest that you should generate your own B2B sales leads list. You can customize your B2B sales leads lists based on your requirements and build a unique sales leads list. 

Manual Lead Generation is Time Consuming

Only a very few marketers choose to build their own b2b sales leads list. They use various search techniques and research skills to generate B2B sales leads. They get some success but again they have to spend a considerable amount of time for B2B lead generation. Lead generation is not the only task they have. They do have a handful of other tasks that need their attention on a daily basis. Manual lead generation takes a lot of time that they are unable to spend time calling their prospects. This is where a B2B Lead Generation Software such as LeadGrabber Pro can help you to quickly generate B2B sales leads like a Pro.

How to generate B2B Sales Leads in a click

LeadGrabber Pro is a powerful B2B lead generation software that helps you to generate B2B sales leads in a click. Irrespective of whether you are a novice or an expert, LeadGrabber Pro helps you to generate B2B sale leads like an expert. It helps you to generate top-quality sales leads from online directories, professional and social networking sites. With a single click, the B2B lead generation software extracts contact information such as name, company, job title, email, phone, etc. from sources that are rich in high-quality sales leads.

What’s more, LeadGrabber Pro also helps you to append missing email addresses and phone numbers of your contacts. Say, you are targeting key decision makers in an industry and if you don’t have their contact information, it’s of no use. With a click of a button, LeadGrabber Pro appends the missing business email addresses and phone numbers of decision makers in your target accounts. LeadGrabber Pro finds you verified business email addresses and phone numbers of your contacts.

You don’t have to waste your valuable time anymore or spend your marketing dollars on expensive lists. Once the list is ready, you can instantly transfer your high-quality B2B sales lead lists to Excel, or Outlook.

Generate Thousands of B2B Sales Leads every Week!

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to work like a Pro, generate high-quality B2B sales leads and close more sales.

Read what one of our customers has to say: LeadGrabber Pro allows them to source thousands of new, qualified prospects each week. It’s more cost-effective than purchasing lists and the quality is much more accurate.

generate B2B sales leads

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