How to use Sales Navigator and find 10x Targeted Leads

How to use Sales Navigator and find 10x Targeted Leads

Are you tired of reaching out to prospects who are often not interested in what you offer? If you are seeking a way out. Then, I hope this blog will finds you well.

Here’s a real quick way to use Sales Navigator and find leads that will be 10x more likely to take your call.

Whenever you prospect using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, make a list of all the people you have scheduled a demo with or closed a deal.

This way, when they go to a different company, Sales Navigator will remind you the new opportunity – prospecting them at their new company. Targeting your past prospects who moved to a new company might seem like a simple deal, but it’s extremely useful in closing more number of deals.

Eventually you will end up having hundreds of people on your list, which will help you hit accelerators every single month because you’ll always have a roster of people to reach out to.

If you want an automated way to flag which of your past leads or customers changed jobs, or if you have thousands of prospects, customers and users, in Excel /CSV from your CRM. 

You can flag all the people those who quit jobs using “Job Change Finder“. It can get Your team hundreds of great convertible prospects every month, This tool might even get you to hit accelerators every quarter.

Because, this method of prospecting is a reminder on the importance of following up with old leads. You will be surprised to note at least 25% of your past prospects will be ready to take an appointment with you in the new company they are in.

Prospecting Tip source: Morgan Jingram’s LinkedIn Post

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