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How to Extract / Export Data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lists to Excel

How to Extract / Export Data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lists to Excel

LinkedIn is one of the major sources of free and new sales/business leads. Out of the top 100 online business directories, LinkedIn has grabbed the 7th place. LinkedIn is the largest and the most updated Business Directory of Owners, CEO’s and other decision makers in any industry, geography and company. This post will help you to learn how you can export LinkedIn sales navigator list to Excel in a click and leverage LinkedIn to its fullest potential.

Export LinkedIn Sales Navigator Lists to Excel in a Click!

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Why should you Export Contacts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn provides you with your prospects’ contact information including name, company, Fax, website URL, and other relevant information. A LinkedIn search can be narrowed down by Zip code that lets you to find business owners in the industry verticals you sell. As all LinkedIn profiles are maintained by their owners, any changes in business or job roles are updated by the decision makers. Therefore, LinkedIn profiles are always up-to-date.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you to find your targeted leads based on title, company, industry, groups, etc. Once you find them, you can build lists such as contact lists, email lists, prospect lists, cold-calling lists, targeted prospect lists, and so on. These lists come in handy for sales & marketing professionals when these leads are exported to an Excel sheet. It is easy for them to follow up and maintain the list. This is why you should export LinkedIn sales navigator list to excel.

How to Export Data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator list to Excel?

You can use LinkedIn search filters to search your targeted prospects such as business owners or decision makers in your niche. If you use the premium version of LinkedIn, otherwise called LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can further segment your list based on company details such as company size, revenue, company headcount and so on.

Once you have found your decision makers on LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can start contacting them. However, before that, you need to export LinkedIn contacts to excel. You need to copy-paste the name, company, job title and other contact details into your CRM, or your PC or your Desktop or spreadsheet. It takes a lot of your time & effort to manually export LinkedIn sales navigator list to excel.

For example, if your search results display 200 contacts, you have to manually export contacts from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Excel or any other CRM. You have to manually copy-paste each contact field into Excel spreadsheet or your CRM. It is not only a laborious task to export LinkedIn Sales Navigator leads to Excel but also it is prone for errors that can prove very costly. This is where an automated sales lead capture tool such as ListGrabber can help you to export leads from LinkedIn & other online directories in no time.

export LinkedIn sales navigator list to Excel

Extract / Export LinkedIn Sales Navigator List to Excel in a Click

LinkedIn Driver for ListGrabber enables you to export contacts from any LinkedIn search page including people search, group member search, events attendees search and answers & discussion pages. It helps you to instantly export LinkedIn sales navigator list to excel. It helps you to extract data from LinkedIn and export leads to your Excel sheet/CSV in no time. You don’t have to manually enter anything and you don’t need to worry about typos as well.

The sales lead capture tool helps you to quickly and accurately export LinkedIn Sales Navigator lists or leads to Excel. It exports the email addresses, phone numbers and Twitter handles from the profiles, and even exports the LinkedIn region and automatically fills in the City, State and Country fields. It also helps you to build targeted prospect lists, email lists, cold-calling lists, and contact lists with a click of a button.

Automated Software to Export LinkedIn Sales Navigator Leads to Excel

ListGrabber’s LinkedIn Driver is an easy-to-use solution that helps you to export LinkedIn sales navigator list to excel. It helps you to extract & export Name, Company Name, Email Address, Phone Numbers, City, State, Country, Twitter Handles from profiles & other details from LinkedIn even while you are asleep or out for lunch. It is a fully automated tool that helps you to extract whatever you want and whenever you want. You can export list from LinkedIn Sales Navigator in no time.

Download and try your free LinkedIn Driver now. ListGrabber LinkedIn driver enables you to download LinkedIn contacts to excel in no time. You can capture 30 pages of contacts per day using the LinkedIn Premium version and up to 500 pages of contacts per day in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator version.

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How AddressGrabber helps Account Executives gain more Business Development Time

How AddressGrabber helps Account Executives gain more Business Development Time

Thomas J. Migliore is a Senior Account Executive in the Multinational Mass Media & Legal Information Business. He works with corporate legal departments of all sizes across the United States.

Being an Account Executive, Thomas would have a list of thousand companies to prospect. He would research about each company from various sources and get the contact information of people, who are particularly working in the Account Legal department.

Once he is done with the research, he would manually type in the contact information of multiple prospects in the ACT! CRM, which enabled him to keep a track of client and prospect details in a single place.

During the process, Thomas encountered two problems:

  1. Manual data entry in ACT! database took a tremendous amount of time.
  2. Duplicate records were created in the database.

AddressGrabber software was the only solution found online, which not only automated contact data-entry but also maintained a duplicate-free ACT! database.

It saved at least 80% of his Data-Entry Time and helped in Maintaining a Duplicate-Free Database.

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eGrabber now compatible with Windows 8!

eGrabber now compatible with Windows 8!

eGrabber, the leader in automated list building tools for B2B sales & recruiting, has announced complete support for Windows 8 operating system across all its product lines. eGrabber customers can now leverage the enhanced capabilities of Windows 8.

By offering native support for Windows 8, eGrabber products will not only help sales & recruiting professionals maximize productivity but also offer greater user experience.

eGrabber Customers can now benefit from the latest features of Windows 8 without compromising on performance & productivity.

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