Why LeadGrabber Pro is the Best Zoominfo Alternative

Why LeadGrabber Pro is the Best Zoominfo Alternative

Business intelligence tools help SMBs (Small to Medium companies) get the right information necessary to speed up marketing, sales, and revenues. It helps them to achieve business goals more easily & efficiently.

Zoominfo is one of the most popular business intelligence tools. However, companies look for a better Zoominfo alternative because it requires $10K+ in minimal upfront investment to get useful contact info. You can’t filter contacts by their background, skills, past experience, college, interests, and many more. Zoominfo is great if you have a large budget and only target enterprises with Title/Industry.

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LeadGrabber Pro is the best Zoominfo alternative that helps you to target decision makers from small to medium companies in several unique ways, increase engagement rates, and is 4x or more cost-effective. In fact, LeadGrabber Pro provides you with more business intelligence than Zoominfo or any other product in the market.

Read on to know how LeadGrabber Pro is the best Zoominfo alternative based on the following parameters that you can consider before making a decision.

Best Zoominfo Alternative

1. Build Lists from Events & Groups

LinkedIn Events & Groups are one of the best places to find your targeted audience in one place. You can find your potential prospects in these places. However, building prospect lists manually from these sources is a tedious & time-consuming task.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to automate this process and get event attendees list with business contact information for any event in no time. LeadGrabber Pro also helps you to build high-converting prospect lists from any group even if you are not a member of that group.

Verdict: Zoominfo, despite claiming it to be the largest contact database, doesn’t have the capability that LeadGrabber Pro has to build lists from the latest events & groups. LeadGrabber Pro helps you to find & reach CXOs in no time.

2. 50+ Workflows to Find High-Converting Prospects

LeadGrabber Pro arms you with workflow capabilities that can help you quickly find prospects who are more likely to buy. Some of the most popular workflows that most of the LeadGrabber customers use are:

Build lists of prospects with similar interests from LinkedIn posts

You can target posts that your prospects engage the most or even you can target your competitor’s post as well.  LeadGrabber Pro helps you to build a list of prospects with email & phone from such posts. You can personalize your messages based on your prospects’ interests and increase your response rates.

Build prospect lists from company LinkedIn page

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to find email addresses of company page followers & decision makers of the follower companies.

Get coworker email addresses at no additional cost

When decision makers don’t respond or if you can’t reach them, you can quickly reach out to them via coworkers.

Build high-probability prospect lists

When your prospects or customers change jobs, it is a new sales opportunity for you. LeadGrabber Pro helps you to build a list of high-probability prospects with their updated business email address & phone.

LeadGrabber Pro offers you many more workflow capabilities that enable you to find & reach the right prospects.

Verdict: LeadGrabber Pro provides you 50+ workflow capabilities that neither Zoominfo nor any other product/service offers. It helps you to find high-converting prospects much faster than experts.

3. High Quality Data – Real-Time Email Search

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to find your right prospects through real-time searches. It helps you to build prospect lists from the most popular social & professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, online business directories, and other web sources.

LeadGrabber Pro intelligently recognizes and skips leads that are already in your CRM/list and helps you to build only new prospect lists. The built-in patented email appending technology does real-time email research and provides you the verified & updated business email addresses and phone numbers of your prospects.

You don’t need to verify emails separately to check if they are valid & functional. Import your prospect list from the CRM and get verified business emails & phone in a few minutes.

Typically, databases such as Zoominfo are built over a period of time. A Hubspot study reveals that marketing databases decay by 22.5% every year due to various reasons. It means the quality of data is questionable and cannot be relied upon.

Verdict: LeadGrabber Pro wins Zoominfo based on data accuracy and other data enrichment capabilities at no extra cost.

4. Summary: The Best Zoominfo Alternative

With LeadGrabber Pro, you can:

  • Build fresh prospect lists 20x faster than experts
  • Automate workflows to find high-converting prospects
  • Build highly customized lists you can’t get anywhere
  • Find decision makers’ email & phone that are accurate & reliable
  • Reach the right prospects and increase engagement & sales conversion rates

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