Track Backdoor Placements Effectively & Effortlessly

Track Backdoor Placements Effectively & Effortlessly

For every job position, recruiters diligently screen and refer candidates to their clients. They know that they get paid only when their candidate is hired; not for referring candidates.

But, do all candidates get hired? The answer is ‘No’; sometimes none. Recruiters have always been curious to know what happened to all such candidates who were not hired.

The reality is that your client has your candidate profiles in their database now, and it is quite possible that they could hire any of them in the future for the same or for a different position. Your client could have genuinely overlooked that you referred that candidate and not credit you for such hires – a situation commonly referred to as “Backdoor Placement”.

The worst part is that recruiters may not even be cognizant of such backdoor hires. And, it is definitely not easy to keep track of the hundreds of sendouts scheduled over months. In fact, there is no effective system to accomplish this.

The recently launched LeadResearcher Pro comes with an intelligent mechanism to track such backdoor hires. Being the first of its kind, this backdoor placement tracking tool tells you if a particular candidate has moved companies. Now, if you find that the candidate had joined your client company down the line, you can then notify your client that you referred the candidate in the first place.

Recruiters can now use LeadResearcher Pro to get alerted of backdoor hires in no time and look for additional billing.

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