Find Business Contact Information for your B2B Leads

Import contact lists with incomplete information, LeadResearcher Pro instantly searches the Internet and finds missing business/company contact information.

LeadResearcher Pro is an automated lead researcher software that enables you to find business contact information of sales prospects in seconds. All you need to do is just enter the prospect Name and Company Name. LeadResearcher Pro does advanced Internet searches and helps you to get the business email address of the contacts in a few seconds.

LeadResearcher Pro leverages real-time targeted information to instantly find the business contact information that any Sales & Marketing professional need to reach their prospects.

LeadResearcher Pro also enables you to quickly find company contact information. With a click of a button, the software helps you to find the business email addresses, phone numbers, website URLs, web profiles for a given company.

LeadResearcher Pro saves its users countless hours of doing manual research. It frees up your valuable time to help you focus on high-value tasks that drives revenues.

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Russ Moon Russ Moon Executive Search at TalentFind LLC

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eGrabber LeadResearcher Pro enables you to:

  • Find Business Email Address with Name and Company
    LeadResearcher helps you to find the missing Email addresses for a list of contacts. All you need to provide is the Name & Company of the prospects. LeadResearcher automatically searches the Internet and finds the company email addresses of the prospects in no time.
  • Reverse email address lookup - How to do reverse lookup by email address
    LeadResearcher’s reverse email lookup feature helps you to find contact name, company name, company contact information, company website URL, contact profile links and company links based on the email address. With just an email list, LeadResearcher helps you to build a list of contacts with complete business contact information.
  • Find B2B Email addresses or phone numbers of prospects found on Social Networking Sites
    After finding a list of prospects from Social Networking Sites, LeadResearcher enables you to instantly get the company contact information for those prospects, including B2B email addresses and phone numbers. With LeadResearcher, you can import your prospects with a click of a button. With another click, LeadResearcher intelligently searches the Internet and finds the company email addresses and phone numbers for those prospects.
  • Track Backdoor Placements - Find current company and title of all candidates that you referred for job interviews
    LeadResearcher helps you to track the current status of all candidates that you referred to your clients, for various job interviews, at different points of time. LeadResearcher intelligently performs real-time Internet searches and lets you know where all such candidates are currently working. This helps you to track any Backdoor placements made by your client companies and bill them.

Other key features in LeadResearcher Pro:

  • Find Title - LeadResearcher helps you to find the Title of a Person in any company. All you need to provide is the Name & Company. LeadResearcher intelligently searches the Internet and displays the Title of a person in a company.
  • Find Hiring Managers in a Company - LeadResearcher helps you to find the Hiring Managers in any company. Just type in the Job Title & Company and LeadResearcher automatically searches the Internet and finds the Hiring Managers in a Company such as Demand Planner / Supply Planner, Product Manager, Software Engineer, sales Opening, Production Planner, Supply Chain Manager & SIOP Manager and more.


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You can Append missing Email Address or Phone Number for 50 records.

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Append 15,000 Records
Refill 3,000 Records for $495

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