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4 New Ideas for Pursuing Sales Prospects

4 New Ideas for Pursuing Sales Prospects

Nishi Kanth

Nishi Kanth

Product Marketing Manager and Prospecting Expert at eGrabber Inc
I am an expert in social lead generation and social media prospecting. I use and market tools and can help sales and marketing professionals in targeted prospecting for improved responses and conversions.
Nishi Kanth

Prospects Going Silent? – Re-Engage Them

Sales professionals spend over 40% of their productive time in following with their prospects. While the most popular media have been email and phone call, our experience shows that the hit rate is not as big as it should ideally be.

So are there any new ideas out there?

That’s when we bumped into Tim Wackel. Tim is an expert sales coach with a history of leading sales teams, big and small, to great success.  Tim’s approach to the follow-up problem was creative, practical and downright effective. Tim shared his tried-and-tested formula in a Webinar hosted by eGrabber. Here are a few takeaways:

1. Use Lumpy Mail

Tim suggests that you use innovative media to follow up with prospects. Apart from the traditional email and phone call, you should consider using media such as post cards, hand written letters, gifts, freebies etc that actually grab the prospects attention. And they are easy to do… online.

He delivered specific, first-hand examples of how these systems work on the webinar.

2. Plan a follow up calendar and execute well

What if your prospect is going to buy in that next phone call? …How do you know?

You don’t. So, Tim recommends a follow up calendar to continuously engage with your prospects. He talks about the frequency, media and the message to be included. By following this calendar, sales professionals ensure that their prospects never go dormant.

Tim took a dive into how this calendar was made and how it was best put to use, in the webinar.

3. Breaking up…  in a professional way

Tim tells you why it’s necessary to break up with your prospect… yes, you heard me, break up with your prospect.

And he also tells you how to do it… without slamming the door shut… just in case they come back to you!

The webinar also dwells on how you can rephrase their statements to reengage their prospects who normally do not respond to the traditional follow up content. Here’s just one example.

4. Start with targeted lists

When you have so little time, why prospect people who will never buy? – Fix the problem before it even begins. Start with a very highly targeted list.

Clinton Rozario from eGrabber showed how it is easy to build a list of your Glen Garry leads using social networks and online profiles. He showed an automated tool which builds your list, once you identify your list of profiles.

To Watch the Webinar Recording – Click Here

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WHY, and HOW to Find Email Addresses

WHY, and HOW to Find Email Addresses

Clinton Rozario

Clinton Rozario

Product Manager at eGrabber
Clinton Rozario is a B2B List Building technology expert and architected LeadGrabber Pro, the B2B List Building Tool from eGrabber. Clinton joined eGrabber in 2003. He held key roles in R&D, developing strategic and proprietary technologies. He is now responsible for development of eGrabber's List Building and List Completion Tool Suite. He is also available on Google+ and LinkedIn.
Clinton Rozario

In a webinar I completed with Josh Turner of Linked University yesterday, we discussed the need for finding email address of prospects you found on your favorite social network.

Currently, when you want to initiate conversation with your target prospect, you need to send a connection request through your social network. If you are like Josh, me, and most other sales people, you’d wonder if the bulk of your connection requests have gone into a
black hole? You sent that request a month ago, and still no response?

But think of it from the other side: if you are the decision maker who is receiving the connection request from a sales person, WHY would you answer that connection request? You KNOW you are going to be sold!

how to find decision maker email address

To get in front of decision makers, you require their business email address.

You can increase your chances of a conversation with a connection request, but you NEED a business email address.

You can get that business email address from Jigsaw at $1 a piece, or you can source the email address from the Internet for free. Yes, FREE!

There are techniques of finding email addresses from the Internet, but that’s a topic for a complete whitepaper.

For now, here’s a One-Click method of finding anyone’s business email address using eGrabber’s Account Researcher:

  1. Enter the Name and Company of your Prospect
  2. Click the “Find Missing” button
  3. BINGO! Email address to use.

Works for any contact in any company on the Internet.

how to find email addresses

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