How to find email address of someone on LinkedIn

How to find email address of someone on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to find your target prospects. But if you are like most people, you are having a hard time getting people to reply to your connection request or your InMail.

I’ve waited 2-4 weeks before I got someone to reply on LinkedIn. That’s because busy executives do not spend their time on LinkedIn! They spend their time on their email inbox.

So the quickest way into their hearts (and wallets 🙂 is via email. Pair that up with phone and you have a winner. But this post is about finding email addresses.

3 Steps to get someone’s email on LinkedIn

Before we begin, we need to get a little terminology out of the way. I am going to use the terms username, email domain and email pattern in the rest of this blog post. So let’s understand what those mean. Let’s say you have an email address like this:,

  • the username is adam.sandler
  • the email pattern is firstname.lastname
  • the email domain is

The username, email domain and email pattern are all needed if we want to find the right email address. These 3 steps will help us get these three pieces.

Here are the 3 steps to get someone’s email from LinkedIn:

  1. Find their company’s website address
  2. Figure out the email patterns used by their company
  3. Test your patterns to get the right one

Step 1: Find their company’s website address

Assuming you have your prospect’s LinkedIn profile open, the first thing you have to do is get the company’s website. We need the company website if we want to figure out the email domain. Most companies have the same company website and email domain.

In the person’s LinkedIn profile, click the company name where they are working. If they are working in multiple companies, click the company that you want to email them in.

You will be taken to the Company’s profile page on LinkedIn. Click on the “About” section on the left. On the right-hand side, you will see the company’s website. That’s Clue#1. Keep a note of that.

Step 2: Figure out the email patterns used by their company

Every company has a certain email pattern they use for everyone in that company. If they are a larger company, they will have a handful of email patterns that they use for everyone.

The most common email patterns in the world:

  • firstname.lastname, as in
  • firstname, as in
  • firstname.lastInitial, as in

You’ve probably noticed 10 other types of email patterns. And you’re right. We are now going to find out the email pattern for the company that we are interested in.

For this, I am going to use a search engine called DuckDuckGo. This is one of the best alternative search engines to Google right now. We are going to use DuckDuckGo because this Step-2 requires us to do a particular search that doesn’t work so well on Google.

Go to DuckDuckGo and type in the last part of the company website address that you found in the previous step. Remove the “https://” and the “www.” and replace that with a @ sign. Finally, put the whole thing in double-quotes.

For example, if the company website of the person you are searching for is ““, then in DuckDuckGo you will search for “” and make sure you type that in along with the double-quotes on both sides – the double-quotes are important.

You can also click this sample DuckDuckGo search and change the text in the search box. Change it to the website address of the company you are interested in.

As you can see, the firstname.lastname email pattern is used by this company. We now have Clue#2. (Tip: To get the yellow highlights like I got it in the image above, press Ctrl+F on your browser and type in the email domain – this makes things much easier!)

This is just the first page of results. Go through a few pages of search results to find if there are more email patterns you can find. Here are some of the other patterns used by …

  • firstname.lastInitial
  • firstnameLastname
  • firstInitial.Lastname
  • Lastname.firstInitial

Step 3: Test your patterns to get the right one

Now that you have a few email patterns in hand, you need to figure out which is the right one. We are going to use another online tool to find out which email pattern is actually working.

Head over to Now, this website may look like it’s from the last decade – because it is – it’s one of the oldest tools known to the email finding experts – it’s still good.

Type in one email pattern you constructed in your previous step and click the “Check address” button. You will get a report in a second, which looks like this (if you’re lucky!)

That last line is what you are looking for. It indicates that the email address will work when you send an email to it. YOU’RE DONE!

If you got a Red message instead which says the email is invalid or does not exist, then you should try the next email pattern that you constructed in the previous step.

I didn’t get the right email address. Now what?

You get better at finding email address over time. If you’ve got the email address that you were looking for, Congratulations!

If you have not, there are many reasons why you may not have found the right email address in the first go. Just like learning something new, you’ll have to keep trying a few other techniques until you get it right.

  • People use Nicknames in their email: Robert may use
  • People may use their middle names: Tory may use
  • The person may have left that company and forgotten to update their LinkedIn profile (it happens!)
  • Companies may have country-specific email domains, like and
  • Most of the emails that you try to verify turn up as “Unknown” or “Server does not respond” (because free email verifiers can only do so much)
  • many more…

How to find someone’s email address in less than 60 seconds?

eGrabber eMail-Prospector helps you do that. We got tired of researching for corporate email addresses manually, so in 2009 we built a software tool which automated the email finding process – and we’ve been using it, improving it and sharing it ever since.

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