“New LinkedIn”​ gives powerful advantages to Sales Navigator & Recruiter users

“New LinkedIn”​ gives powerful advantages to Sales Navigator & Recruiter users

In January LinkedIn made two big changes.

LinkedIn rolled out a new user interface – This is visible to most by now There is no objective way to tell how good these LinkedIn UI changes are. We will jut leave it at that LinkedIn restructured SKU – This is a more important and subtle change. It took away prospecting power from 90%+ user base (free & lesser paying users). In a zero sum game, where everyone fights for prospect’s mind-share, higher paid accounts now face less competition on LinkedIn.

Sales experts say with high confidence, the restructured LinkedIn SKUs give a huge (2x) prospecting advantage to users of Sales Navigator and Recruiter Accounts. ..

Here’s why Sales Navigator & Recruiter users will see 2x better results and 2x more prospect interactions:

  • LinkedIn has taken out several Free prospecting capabilities from 90%+ of users who have lesser & free accounts. This means they won’t be able to Target OR Introduce themselves to new prospects as easily as Sales Navigator & Recruiter users can. I will explain 2 features below
  • No Advanced Filtering for lesser & free accounts – In the past, users with free and lesser accounts could filter extensively, & narrow down hundreds of prospects into a handful to target. With new LinkedIn changes users, with free and lesser accounts, are stuck with spending hours manually sifting hundreds of records. It only takes couple of clicks for Sales Navigator and Recruiter accounts
  • No Profile Advertising for lesser & free accounts – In the past, users with free and lesser accounts could visit unconnected prospects and leave a caller-id in the form of “Profile View” that included their picture and a 80 character headline. With new LinkedIn changes when users, with free and lesser accounts, visit an unconnected prospect, their caller-ID shows up as unknown. If you have a Sales Navigator or Recruiter Account, you can leave the full “Profile View” by just visiting a prospect. This is a huge prospecting advantage, because in the past if 10 people visited your prospect saw 10 messages – with the change, the prospect will likely to see only 2 or 3 out of 10 visitors – and you would be one of the lucky ones.
    Since 90%+ of the users that fall into the free or lesser LinkedIn account category, won’t be able to do targeted prospecting; Starting February Sales Navigator and Recruiter users can expect to get 2x or higher view back rate from prospects they target. Happy hunting…

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