How to Export Sales Navigator Leads with Emails & Phone#

How to Export Sales Navigator Leads with Emails & Phone#

It is prominent that LinkedIn Sales Navigator greatly helps with outbound sales. And the search abilities and the level of targeting is simply incomparable with other platforms or database.

But the problem is, Sales Navigator does not have a native feature to export Sales Navigator leads to excel or CSV. Sales Navigator does not have the option to export account and lead-based information into a .CSV or .XLS file. As a Sales Navigator advanced user, you can only sync and update all your information regarding leads and accounts between your CRM and Sales Navigator, and not export leads from LinkedIn sales navigator.

Export Sales Navigator Leads in a Click!

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In this blog post, we will explore how to export sales navigator leads and discuss the benefits of using automation tools for LinkedIn prospecting. Read on..

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How to Export Sales Navigator Leads to Excel in 3 Quick Steps

1. Install LeadGrabber Pro

B2B prospecting is a tedious & time-consuming task. LeadGrabber Pro is a LinkedIn prospecting tool that helps you to speed up LinkedIn Prospecting and export sales navigator leads to Excel in no time.

With the help of a product setup, install the latest version of LeadGrabber Pro, proceed with the installation and the setup starts installing the latest version of LeadGrabber Pro.

After installation, the latest components of LeadGrabber Pro will be available to you.

Launch the product and start using the latest version of LeadGrabber Pro.

2. Make a LinkedIn Search using Sales Navigator

LeadGrabber Pro is an expert LinkedIn prospecting tool that helps you to build prospect lists from online directories, professional & social networking sites, and websites along with verified work email IDs and phone numbers.

The LinkedIn Prospecting Tool has a built-in browser where you can perform a LinkedIn search with all your search criteria.

With a click of a button, the software helps you to intelligently (copy-pastes) export leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator including name, title, company, and many other fields from LinkedIn, into the grid.

You can also set up the tool just once and receive targeted prospect lists every single day in your inbox. LeadGrabber Pro automatically builds lists, appends emails, skips duplicates, sends emails, and so on.

3. Export Leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Excel with Business Contact Information

LeadGrabber Pro does live research on Google and the deep web to find missing contact information such as business email addresses, phone numbers, decision-makers, etc. It also verifies the live or dead status of all email IDs by checking if the email server exists and if it accepts the email ID. You will know all the email IDs returned were verified and accurate. Your bounce rate will be incredibly low and your response rate will be one of the best you have ever experienced.

Once you have found the decision makers’ email address and phone number, you can select the records and export leads from LinkedIn sales navigator to excel in no time.

Browser Plugins vs Desktop Applications

eGrabber tools are not browser plugins but standalone applications. Here are the advantages of the eGrabber approach:

  • Our solution works with any website or Excel – It works with lists in LinkedIn AND any website, web listing, or excel – the tool just needs the name & Company.
  • Our approach gives 30% more results – We have been developing these tools for 20+ years with 4 US Patents.
  • Our approach is not susceptible to be shut down by LinkedIn like browser plugins – Our tool is independent of LinkedIn & we have been in business for around 10+ years longer than LinkedIn has been in business.
  • Our approach protects your data – Since our tool runs on your system (not our server), we have no idea what lists you build. Plugins will have complete access to your or other user’s data that they can accumulate and sell to others. LinkedIn specifically objects to this kind of practice.
  • You don’t need to build lists page by page since our tool has an AutoNext feature that automates the same.
  • Also, our tool helps you to find phone numbers whereas most of the plugins just give only the email addresses.

Here are some other reasons why automation tools can be more effective than purchasing lists.

When people tend to move from one company to another, it’s not always updated on the database. Every year, as we see, 25% of the database is getting outdated. You will never know how many of those emails in your lists are still deliverable. Whereas, LinkedIn Prospecting Tool such as LeadGrabber Pro uses LinkedIn to get the most recent information and get you the actual emails along with the verified status for each of them. With a click of a button, you can export sales navigator leads to Excel or any CRM.

Using LinkedIn prospecting tools, you can build targeted lists from LinkedIn groups that are not easy to purchase.

The response rates of your email campaigns can also be based on how targeted your lists are. LinkedIn allows you to get a much better-targeted list.

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