How to Leverage LinkedIn Likes to Drive New Leads

How to Leverage LinkedIn Likes to Drive New Leads

According to Forbes, “2O2O is the year of personalized marketing.” Focused lists with personalized email blast have shown to perform better than generic emails sent to an entire list.

Therefore, it is essential for B2B Businesses to personalize all their marketing efforts through focused prospect lists.

So, let’s see how we can personalize and get the most out of it.

For effective personalization, you can neither type every single email manually nor send out a generic email template to thousands of prospects. This will trigger the spam bot and might junk your email. But small chunks of emails with a very highly targeted message will get us there.  

Therefore I would say, effective personalization = tighter targeting

Fastest Way to Build Targeted Prospect Lists from the Internet

How to Personalize to Get Maximum Results?

It’s really hard to personalize your marketing messages with just common demographics such as prospect’s name, title or company. You need to know some other information about your prospect such as his/her interests. Based on this information, you can target your audience with similar interests. Now, you have a list of prospects with similar interests whom you can reach out to. This is called tighter targeting.

One successful method that I used is ‘LinkedIn LIKES’ marketing. I tried this method to send out personalized cold emails which got me great results.

What is ‘LinkedIn LIKES’ Marketing?

LinkedIn is the only professional network that gives precise data about user interests and activities. ‘LinkedIn LIKES’ marketing is one of the best methods for social media lead generation.

There are two main reasons why you should leverage LinkedIn likes for B2B lead generation

  • To Engage with your Social Media Audience
    If you have a bigger audience base and publish content or post articles to them on a daily basis, you might have a lot of people liking and commenting on your post. It is because they have found your product or services useful.

    Have you Ever thought that You can Convert your LinkedIn Likes into New Leads?

    LinkedIn likes’ marketing helps you to do that. You can target selected audience and engage with them.
  • Target your Prospects where they Flock Together
    Follow experts and relevant hash tags that your prospects would be interested in. This will help you to target your prospects more accurately as they are found at one place based on their interests.

In my case, our best customers are people who are on LinkedIn and who use LinkedIn for sales prospecting. On that account, I follow cold email experts on LinkedIn who writes a lot about email marketing, cold email messaging and LinkedIn for prospecting. I also follow hash tags such as #sales #B2Bsales #emailtraining, etc., Hence, I get all the related posts coming up in my newsfeed.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is LinkedIn-likes-on-sales-hash-tag-post.png

In my recent activity, I chose a LinkedIn post which had 700+ likes. I quickly segmented my list and chose prospects that are the best fit. I reached out to them via cold email.

How I Built my Email List from LinkedIn Likes?

If you are wondering how I built an email list of people who liked the LikedIn post and emailed them, read on.

I used LeadGrabber Pro to pull out my list of Likers. With just a click of a button, the software transfers all the prospects into a spreadsheet. The software also appends missing contact information such as business email address and phone numbers. The tool also fills up the LinkedIn ID, Web URL, Company LinkedIn ID, job title level, business email domain, city, region, state, zip, industry and several other details of your prospects. Using these contact details, I was able to reach out to my prospects with a personalized email referring to the post that they liked on LinkedIn.

Cold Email Templates that Got Responses

I used two different cold email templates and did an A/B test. I added a screenshot of the post to one email and sent out the other with only text in it.

To my surprise, the text won over the screenshot. But what I loved about this was, I sent out only 233 emails and got 16% response rate. I got a lot of appointments and sales conversions. That’s a pretty great success for my targeted email campaign.

As this works out really nice and got me some good results, I would encourage you to try LinkedIn likes marketing as well. You can customize selecting hash tags according to your own industry and your prospects’ interests to make it work for you. Make sure you find out LinkedIn posts that your prospects have liked recently. This will help your prospects to recognize the post that you are talking about in your email.

If you want to convert your LinkedIn likes into new sales leads, fill in the form below and we will get back to you with a live demo.

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