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How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results

A lot of B2B companies have started to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting. If you haven’t started, you will have to or you might lose potential prospects & customers on LinkedIn. Prospecting on LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the most essential sales prospecting strategies adopted by B2B sales development reps and business development professionals. LinkedIn prospecting helps you to find your prospects & turn them into customers than any other social networking platform. This blog post will help you to learn how you can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for lead generation.

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How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Lead Generation

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is designed for LinkedIn Prospecting. Unlike LinkedIn Basic & LinkedIn Premium versions, it helps you to prospect for sales leads efficiently. However, you need to know how to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate leads effectively. Here are some of the features that will help you to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting.

1. How to Find Leads in Sales Navigator

Search is one of the most powerful features that will help you to leverage Linkedin and find leads in Sales Navigator. When it comes to LinkedIn prospecting, searching for leads and accounts is the first thing you would do. LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to set your sales preferences based on your requirements. You can set your preferences such as Geographies, Industry, Company Size, Function, and Seniority Level. If you are going to use a particular search criterion regularly, then this comes in handy. You do not need to select those filters every time you search for leads. You can edit your sales preferences under Settings.

However, you can disable your preferences and search for leads based on new search criteria as well. LinkedIn Sales Navigator also recommends leads and accounts for you based on your activity.   

linkedin sales navigator for prospecting

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to search for leads and accounts using the Lead Filters and Account Filters. If you remember, it is the Advanced Search feature that you had in the LinkedIn Basic version. The feature has been removed from the basic version and moved to LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Click All Filters to access the Lead Filters and Account Filters.

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results 1

You can search for leads using the Top filters, Role & tenure filters, Company filters and Other filters. There are around 23 lead filters that you can use to search for leads. The lead filters will help you to drill down your search and find targeted leads. Once you have found the leads, you can save them and you can connect with them.  

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results 2

Similarly, you can search for accounts using the Top filters, Size and Other filters. You can search for accounts based on filters such as Department headcount, company headcount, department & company headcount growth, annual revenue and you can search for Fortune companies as well. The account filters also enables you to search for companies based on the number of followers, technologies used, job opportunities and relationships, etc.

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2. Use Sales Navigator to Find Similar Leads

The next powerful Sales Navigator feature that you can use for LinkedIn prospecting is View similar. Sales Navigator helps you to find leads that are similar to your ideal prospects. When you find your ideal prospect in your search results and if you want to find similar leads, click on the ellipsis button next to the Save button and click View Similar.

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results 3

It displays a list of similar leads that you are looking for. This feature will help you to learn how to generate leads through LinkedIn Sales Navigator and get a list of targeted prospects in no time.

3. Find Potential Leads through Job Change Alerts

Job Change Alerts is another handy feature for LinkedIn prospecting. You can use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find if your prospects and existing customers have changed jobs. The search results in LinkedIn Sales Navigator display the number of people who have changed jobs in the past 90 days. This handy feature will help you to make more sales. Try this out.

Build a list of your prospects and existing customers in LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn alerts you when your prospects or customers change jobs. You can reach out to those people to look for new sales opportunities. Chances are high that you can make more conversions because your customers already know you or they might have already used your product in their previous company. Similarly, your prospects might also be open for a demo since they already know you.

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results 4

In addition, the search results also display the total number of leads, the number of people who have posted on LinkedIn in the past 30 days and the number of people who have shared their experiences with you. You can click the respective tabs to view the information.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator displays Alerts on the saved leads and accounts. If the saved accounts are mentioned in the news or if they share any updates, they are mentioned in the Alerts. Similarly, when you saved lead posts or share something, you get an alert. This way, you get to know about the activities of your targeted leads and accounts. You can also know about your prospect’s likes and interests, which will be helpful for email personalization. This feature will help you to make the most of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting and get great results.

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4. Saved Search – Save Time & Effort

If you are using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting, then you should use this feature. It will save you a lot of your time. If you are someone who performs multiple searches, then the Saved Search feature will come in handy. Once you perform a lead search, the results are displayed.

Click Save Search on the top right corner of the page.

A Save your lead search window pops up.

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results 5

You can enter the name of your search, select the Alert frequency – Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Never and click Save Search.

Your search gets saved under Saved Searches.

How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting & Get Great Results 6

With Saved Searches, you do not need to enter the search criteria every time you search for it and it is very difficult for you to remember them since you are doing multiple searches. Saved search makes LinkedIn prospecting a lot more easier and quicker.

5. Reach out to Prospects via LinkedIn InMails

InMails is one of the premium features that helps you to leverage LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting. You can reach out to your targeted leads via well-crafted LinkedIn InMail messages. You can research your prospect and come up with a personalized message that connects with your prospect easily.

Use a compelling subject line, craft your message around your prospect’s needs, start a quick conversation and ensure that you keep it short and simple. You need to have in mind that you get only limited InMail credits based on your subscription and you cannot send hundreds of messages that you can do using normal emails. It is one of the LinkedIn prospecting methods that can give you results if used effectively.

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6. Generate Leads through LinkedIn Groups

Using LinkedIn Groups is one of the best methods to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting. You can easily find your targeted audience on LinkedIn Groups. The LinkedIn basic version enables you to join relevant groups where your prospects are, participate in discussions, contribute your ideas and establish yourself as a thought leader in your respective domain. You can connect with your prospects, strike a conversation and gradually get into that zone where you can pitch in your products or services.

Whereas LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you to search leads from LinkedIn Groups.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Prospecting

You can use the Groups filter to search for leads. You can also filter leads based on when your prospects joined the group, from one day ago up to 3 months ago.

All the above LinkedIn prospecting methods will help you to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting. However, it takes a bit of time & effort to find, search, research, and reach out to your prospects. This is where LinkedIn prospecting tools come in handy.

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The LinkedIn prospecting tool enables you to find decision makers & C-level executives from any location or industry. Prospecting on LinkedIn becomes easy with LeadGrabber Pro. It helps you to speed up LinkedIn prospecting, generate targeted sales leads and make more sales conversions.

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How to Do Prospect Research – For Better Sales Calls and Improved Conversions

How to Do Prospect Research – For Better Sales Calls and Improved Conversions

In our last blog, we saw how you can leverage social networks to identify and contact C-Level decision makers in your prospective companies. You saw a few techniques on how you can leverage LinkedIn to establish an initial contact and thereon continue the dialogue over your prospect’s business email.

Let us now try and understand what you need to do once your prospect is ready to hear your proposition. One of the most common mistakes that sales professionals commit is to try and make every sales call the same. We must realize that your prospects may be similar, but are not the same. Hence every sales call you make needs to be different and tailor-made to the individual needs of your prospect. The end objective of any sales call is to propose a solution that the prospect wants, but not the one that you have.

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Follow these simple steps to make your sales call a worthy one.

Know Your Prospect

One of the key steps in sales prospecting is to gather as much information as possible about your prospect. You need to get a 360 degree view of your prospect, the industry they operate in, their target customers, their possible business challenges, their growth plans and so on. By being well informed of the prospect, you have better chances of having the prospect hear you better. A few places where you can find some information about your prospects are being presented below. This is not an exhaustive list, but a good starting point, for sure.

Research The Company

Company website – You need to understand your prospect’s line of business, what is their business objective, what could be their biggest challenge and what is their value proposition to their customers, and how you will contribute in helping them achieve their business goals.

Examine who their customers are, what problem of their customers are your prospects trying to address, and how can you help them in solving those problems. By having all this handy, your sales call will turn out to be more of a requirements gathering meeting than a typical pitching.

Research the Professional Side of the Decision Maker

LinkedIn profiles – One of the key forums that sales professionals need to leverage in a B2B prospecting framework is LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile will tell you what kind of a person your prospect is. Read through the profile. Observe the groups subscribed to; read the discussions where you see some participation, see if you have some common connections who can write a nice line about you even before the meeting. Examine if your prospect is asking questions pertaining to some challenge and if you can solve that challenge. All these small things make you more familiar to your prospect even before the call. You would have figured out your call opening statement.

Research the Personal Side of the Decision Maker

Blogs– Sales prospecting can be more meaningful when you also know what kind of a person your prospect is. If your prospect is a blogger, it is worth spending time reading through those blogs. The choice of words will give you an idea on how you should moderate the call with your prospect. If the content is extremely professional and brief to the point, you should adopt the same strategy during your call / meeting. If you find liberal dosages of humour, you can adopt a more friendly approach. A nice way to start the conversation would be to congratulate your prospect for a recent achievement.

The Smart Way

We have a fantastic prospect research tool – eGrabber eMail Prospector – that will get you the business information about any prospect from any nook and corner of the Internet. The best part about this is it can get you the business email addresses and phone of the prospect in a jiffy. This means your time to research and search for information about your prospect is significantly cut down and you have more time to focus on preparing for every call.

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In a nutshell, research well, talk to your prospect in his language and make “prospect research” a part of your working style. Believe me, your prospects will enjoy talking to you and your sales become a cake walk.

Happy Selling!!

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