Tools for starting a new Recruitment agency

Tools for starting a new Recruitment agency

If you are starting a new Recruitment agency, or you are starting a new recruitment desk / DIG, you need contacts:

  1. You need a Client list, with names of Hiring managers and Decision makers
  2. You need a Candidate talent pool, filled with the candidates you are going to place

Your Applicant Tracking System / CRM, would be setup by now, but you need these lists to fill them up. That’s where eGrabber can help.

  1. eGrabber’s Client List building solution, makes lists of Hiring managers, for export to CRM / Excel
  2. eGrabber’s Candidate List building solution, imports targeted profiles into your ATS

eGrabber Booth at MRINetwork Global event in Las Vegas OCT 2013

Hassaan Sophie and Zia Ahmed from eGrabber were recently at the Management Recruiters’ Global Expo 2013, to demonstrate these tools. They also launched a new tool for Social Prospecting, called Prospect-Grabber.

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