How to Build Commercial Real Estate Brokers List

How to Build Commercial Real Estate Brokers List

Building a commercial real estate brokers list is a daunting task for busy sales professionals. This is where a lead extractor software comes handy. This blog post will help you to learn how businesses can quickly build commercial real estate brokers list, commercial real estate agents list, email lists, and contact lists in no time.

Who can leverage commercial real estate broker lists?

Some of the businesses that can leverage commercial real estate broker lists are real estate software companies, real estate financing & leasing companies, private money lenders, real estate portals that list properties, commercial real estate developers and so on.

Real Estate Software Companies

Software companies that develop real estate CRM, real estate management software, real estate accounting software and other commercial real estate software look for real estate firms, brokers & agencies to sell their software.

Real Estate Finance & Leasing Companies

Commercial real estate financing companies and private money lenders that lend money to buy real estate properties also look for commercial real estate brokers & agents. These real estate brokers & agents suggest or recommend these financial companies to their clients.

Real Estate Developers

Commercial real estate developers & firms reach out to commercial real estate brokers and agents to sell or lease out their properties.

So all these businesses need lists of commercial real estate brokers and agents to get more sales leads and increase revenue.

How to build commercial real estate brokers list?

You can build commercial real estate brokers list manually. Online business directories, association websites, websites related to real estate brokers & agents are some of the most common sources to find commercial real estate leads. When you search for real estate brokers or agents, these business directories and websites display thousands of commercial real estate brokers.

Manual List Building – Time Consuming & Tiresome

If you want to build a list of commercial real estate brokers list, you need to manually copy each information such as name, company, email, phone, and addresses from these websites and paste it into Excel or any other CRM. It takes a lot of time and resources.

Time is always a costly resource. You need to act as quickly as possible to make use of your opportunities. If you don’t, your competitor will. So, you cannot afford to spend a lot of your precious time & resources on manually building commercial real estate brokers or agents list. This is where a lead extractor software such as ListGrabber plays a vital role.

Build Commercial Real Estate Broker Lists in a Click

ListGrabber is a powerful lead extractor software that enables you to easily & effortlessly build commercial real estate broker lists, email lists of commercial real estate agents and other real estate contact lists with a click of a button.

All you need to do is:

1. Search for real estate contacts from online directories. For example, real estate buyer brokers in Los Angeles, California. The search results are displayed that run across multiple pages.

2. Select the search results.

3. Click Grab.

The lead extractor software intelligently extracts the name, company, email, phone, fax, address and other contact information from the search results and effortlessly transfers the leads into your Excel sheet or CRM.

ListGrabber eliminates manual copy-pasting and helps you to automatically build lists from online business directories, websites, association websites, membership lists and many other sources.

Automatically Flip through Multiple Webpages

With this lead extractor software, you don’t need to manually copy-paste contacts by flipping through hundreds of web pages. ListGrabber helps you to do that in a click.

The AutoNext add-on for ListGrabber helps you to automatically flip through hundreds of web pages. It helps you to extract contacts from yellow pages directories, association websites, membership listings and so on.

ListGrabber enables you to instantly build lists of real estate agents, real estate management companies, real estate rental services, real estate consultants, real estate attorneys, real estate buyer brokers, real estate appraisers, real estate inspection services and so on.

Custom Macro for Specific Websites

In addition, if you have a specific website/portal where you find your targeted sales leads, eGrabber will get you the custom macro that helps you to build lists from those websites.

ListGrabber helps you to save a lot of your time & resources. You can build your contact lists in no time. You can now spend most of your time speaking to your prospects and closing more sales rather than building lists.

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