A Better Way to Communicate With Your B2B Prospects

A Better Way to Communicate With Your B2B Prospects

LinkedIn is great for identifying B2B prospects, but not for communicating with them. But direct work email serves the purpose well.

Let’s suppose you identified 300 CXO-VP prospects on LinkedIn today.

☛ There is Zero way you can communicate with them today on LinkedIn without getting into LinkedIn trouble. if you send that many connect requests or messages, you can end up getting your LinkedIn account temporarily blocked.

☛ Even if you sent to a handful of them good value-based messages, the CXO only gets it a notification on their email. They have to log in to LinkedIn to read the message – most decision-makers are too busy for that distraction during day time

☛ Even if the CXO likes the value they see in your LinkedIn message, they have no easy way to forward the message to the right people on their team. So it gets ignored

☛ The best way for you to reach 300 CXO-VP prospects today is by getting their work email-ID and crafting a respectful email

Since you know an email is actionable by the prospect minutes after you hit send, you can choose the right time to send that email.

Your prospect can instantly reply or forward emails internally.

eGrabber tools provide a quick way to find verified work email-ID of prospects. We have a US Patent for the best method to find work email-ID of prospects

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