How to Re-Engage your Past Customers and Win Back New Prospects

How to Re-Engage your Past Customers and Win Back New Prospects

It is natural that every year, your email marketing database degrades by about a certain percentage. The email addresses keep changing as prospects move from one company to another. Leads decay is a common factor that every marketer had to go through in their journey.

Your email marketing database gets smaller each time people change jobs. When you don’t make up for the loss, you are missing out on a great opportunity. How about you identifying your past customers who quit the job and moved to a new company? Yes, they can be your new prospects now.

Targeted sales funnel

In fact, it is easier to sell to these prospects as they are your past customers and know you already. These new prospects that you can make are people who have already worked with you. They have gained your trust and are more likely to get you inside a new account.

Identifying people who moved

To find out who quit or where they moved to, when they moved, finding their new contact information is a very hard job. No validation tools can tell your prospects to move to new jobs. LinkedIn Sales Navigator shows who moved in the past 30 days but cannot tell you who’s moved beyond 90 days. They don’t send alerts when accounts get older than 90 days. So identifying prospects who moved jobs is a very long and time-consuming process when done manually.

How about software that can scan your CRM contacts and automate all the above giving you their new contact information and company demographics.

Job-Change Finder is an exclusive software that gets

New instant leads from CRM

Job-Change Finder scans your CRM data and gives a new list of leads instantly. As the leads in your CRM are already sales and marketing qualified ones.

Boosts sales conversions

The new prospects are more approachable to purchase your products for their new company. And hence these warm leads convert at a 2-3x higher rate than normal sales leads.

Shorter sales cycle

Job-Change Finder helps you start a new conversation with the new contact information from the new company. These leads are not cold leads and they have a shorter sales or conversion cycle.

Easily reach new companies

The new prospects help you introduce to the new company in spite of all the obstacles and competition.

Expand account growth

The new prospects in the new company may move to a different department, higher job level with bigger budgets thereby expanding your reach within existing accounts.

Job-Change finder is a exclusive software used by

Business Development Representatives: Helps identify decision-makers, develop another chance to close more business, track competitions, and learn about stakeholders.

Marketing and Sales Teams: Get new trial users and inbound inquires, identify new prospects who are ready to purchase in their new organization.

Account Management: Get referrals to new divisions and regions when stakeholders move inside the company.

Renewals: Increase retention and know where your promoters are.

Each Job-Change Finder report Includes
Contact Name
Current Company
Current Title
LinkedIn Profile
Verified business Email Address
Company Size
Company LinkedIn Profile

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