How to Leverage the Referral Advantage During Pandemic

How to Leverage the Referral Advantage During Pandemic

This pandemic, companies that are 2+ years old have a referral advantage that you leverage.

Every prospect seeks to reduce the risk of purchase failure and prefers to work with companies they or their friends worked with (referrals).

If you have been in business for 2+ years, your team will have engaged with hundreds of prospects in the past – some won & many lost.

If you can figure out how to generate new leads from the list you have in-house, you can call them referral leads. Experience shows these leads will close 10x faster.

You can look for referral leads by finding
– which of your prospects changed jobs,
– worked in companies that are your ideal prospects,
– worked in companies where you are currently selling and more

By mining internal lists of past prospects, customers or users, you can probably generate thousands of referral leads.

These referral leads will get you an appointment 5x to 10x faster than new leads you are purchasing.

Job-Change Finder specializes in helping companies mine past relationships. You will get high conversion leads that are 10x faster closing than purchased leads. Don’t leave the low hanging fruit by chasing only new prospects.

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