Automated List Building: Why LeadGrabber Build Scheduler is insanely irresistible

Automated List Building: Why LeadGrabber Build Scheduler is insanely irresistible

As a leadgen person, my primary job is to build targeted prospect lists from professional and social networking sites, run email campaigns, fix appointments with key decision makers and then pass on the baton to the sales team.

To do this, I would search for prospects based on the title, industry, location, company size, etc and build a list of prospects. Most often, these prospect lists will not have any business contact information. It means that I would only have a list of prospects with name and company name. I had to find business email addresses and phone numbers for those prospects to make the list usable. Once the list is ready, I would schedule them for email campaigns.

I wished if I had an LeadGrabber Build Scheduler tool that can automate the above process, it would do a world of good to me.

My wish was granted.

LeadGrabber Build Scheduler tool for Automated B2B List Building

Yes. eGrabber has come up with a powerful tool called LeadGrabber Scheduler that completely automates the B2B list building process.

All you have to do is search for your target prospects. Then you can go 100% hands free!

Yes, I mean it. This unmanned build scheduler tool does all the list building tasks for me.

How LeadGrabber Build Scheduler tool  Works

Now, with the new tool what I do is,

Search for prospects based on title, location, industry, company size, etc. Most of the times, I would search for CEOs, CTOs, Founders, VPs, Directors, etc. The search results display thousands of profiles that run across many pages.

The next thing I do is add the search result to the scheduler. The entire search result is now split into smaller chunks of search results. For example, if the search result displays 2000 profiles, Scheduler splits the results into 4 sets of 500 profiles each. Scheduler can help you build up to 50,000 leads at one go.

LeadGrabber Build Scheduler automatically schedules the B2B list building process on a daily basis. The Build Queue folder displays the daily builds. Based on the schedule, LeadGrabber Build Scheduler builds the list of prospects and then appends verified business email addresses and phone numbers of the prospects.

Automated List Building – No Manual Intervention

What’s more? Once the list is ready, the tool automatically sends an email along with the list to the specified email IDs.

I don’t have to manually intervene anymore. It’s all set!

Build lists even if you are out of office

I had to be out of office for a week and LeadGrabber Build Scheduler tool came in handy for me.

I just set it up before I left for 1 whole week. During my absence, LeadGrabber Build Scheduler automatically built prospect lists for me. To be precise, 500 leads per day along with business email address and phone numbers. Also, the list was emailed to my colleague on a daily basis without any hassles.

What more can a leadgen person ask for?

Now, I run the tool and work on other tasks that need my attention.

LeadGrabber Build Scheduler tool takes care of my list building tasks – It’s completely automated. You can’t find a better tool to automatically build targeted prospect lists.

Why LeadGrabber Build Scheduler is insanely irresistible!

  • My B2B list building process is completely automated and taken care of.
  • I am able to save a huge amount of time which I would otherwise spend on building lists.
  • Now, I am able to spend more time with my prospects, follow up with them and close more sales than ever.

What are you waiting for?

Try Now.

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