Automate 50+ B2B List-Building Workflows with LeadGrabber Pro

Automate 50+ B2B List-Building Workflows with LeadGrabber Pro

LeadGrabber Pro is an automation tool that has ways to automate 50+ B2B list-building workflows. Maybe one of them will be a perfect fit for you.

50+ Fastest Ways to Build B2B Prospect Lists from the Internet

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At eGrabber, we have been developing lead list workflow tools since 1996 – longer than any other company.

Our pricing is such that customers can recover full ROI within weeks of using the tool. It is all about lead quality and high conversion rates. You can build a list overnight, so you get fresh B2B prospect lists daily/weekly.

Our customers have been startups, outsourcing, staffing, training, VC, financing, logistics, lethal, healthcare, legal, nonprofits, etc. Out tools are centered around finding ideal decision-makers, names, verified email, phone, LinkedIn, and other fields. Our tools are used in conjunction with LinkedIn, job boards, business directories, Yellow pages, google maps, tradeshows, websites, ….

If you want to automate list-building workflows, fill in the form and get an expert in your domain to talk to you.

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